All-in-one-Set with chopping board, empty

The all-in-one storage solution for kitchen knives and more

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The All-in-One Kitchen Storage Solution by WMF

With the WMF All-in-One Knife Block, Cutting Board Holder and Kitchen Utensil Holder, space-saving storage has never looked so good. Discover an innovative, compact storage system—including a knife block with chic modern black bristles, a three-compartment kitchen utensil holder, and a slot for the blade-friendly bamboo cutting board—that makes cooking easier by having all your kitchen essentials close at hand.
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Space-saving storage solution
Discover a compact all-in-one storage solution that saves space and makes cooking easier with your most essential tools—kitchen knives, kitchen utensils, and even cutting board—always close at hand.
Bamboo cutting board
A cutting board at WMF standards of quality, expertly crafted in all-natural bacteria-resistant bamboo for effortless care and easy, comfortable cutting that's safe for all your kitchen knives.
Compact and stylish
The best of both worlds: A compact design that saves maximum counter space while offering a stylish aesthetic that blends seamlessly into any kitchen.
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Product Name
All-in-one-Set with chopping board, empty


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