WMF Fusiontec Perfect Pressure Cooker 6.5l Rose Quartz

Crafted for life

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WMF Fusiontec Perfect Pressure Cooker: Crafted for life

WMF Fusiontec Cookware is your reliable partner for life in the kitchen—with the promise of uncompromising performance and beauty that stands the test of time. Its uniquely crafted alloy combines the best qualities of existing cookware into one versatile material. Fusiontec Mineral series is crafted with premium finishes, complete with glimmering particles and metallic shine for a beautiful aesthetic. Made in Germany, it's backed by a 30-year warranty*
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The best qualities in one
Fusiontec combines the speed of copper, the heat retention of cast iron, the scratch-resistance of glass, the durability of stainless steel and the even cooking results of aluminum.*
Cooking indicator
A cooking indicator to easily monitor the cooking process, with two cooking levels: one, perfect for tender vegetables, fish and poultry; the other, ideal for robust meats, potatoes and stews.
Beautiful aesthetic
Embodying the WMF signature blend of performance and stunning style, with an eye-catching finish, complete with glimmering particles and metallic shine.
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Product Name
WMF Fusiontec Perfect Pressure Cooker 6.5l Rose Quartz


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*Based on scientific literature and internal tests, 2020
*The 30-year warranty applies to the inner and outer surfaces of WMF Fusiontec cookware. The warranty only applies if the product is used as intended. Details of the scope of the warranty and about proper use can be found in the instruction manual enclosed with the products.