WMF Kult X Bread maker

The irresistible smell and flavor of homemade bread—from sweet to gluten free

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WMF KULT X Bread Maker: Perfect Homemade Bread

The WMF KULT X Bread Maker offers a freshly baked homemade bread experience like none other. Fresh and healthy bread—including sweet, savory and even gluten-free recipes—can be baked to perfection in no time in your choice of two sizes (450 g or 750 g). Twelve different programs put a wide variety of recipes at your fingertips, with a fully equipped non-stick baking pan and three adjustable browning levels for bread just the way you like it.
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Compact bread maker
Exceptional performance in a compact frame, for irresistible homemade breads baked to perfection in your choice of sizes—either 450 g or 750 g.


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WMF Kult X Bread maker



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