WMF PermaDur Element Fry Pan 20cm

The practical streamlined fry pan for every kitchen

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The WMF PermaDur Element Fry Pan

The WMF PermaDur Element Fry Pan offers perfect practicality for every kitchen. Whether flash-frying over high-heat or sautéing delicate ingredients, its long-lasting PermaDur non-stick coating promises high-performance cooking and effortless cleaning. At the same time, its lightweight aluminum construction ensures extreme cooking convenience.
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PermaDur Long-Lasting
With its robust 3-layer PFOA-free* construction, PermaDur promises long-lasting, non-stick performance and effortless clean-up.
Fast and lightweight
This aluminum pan heats up quickly and is lightweight for extreme cooking convenience.
Heat-insulated bakelite handle
Safe handling meets enhanced ergonomics, with a high-quality heat-insulated handle—for cooking with maximum comfort.
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Product Name
WMF PermaDur Element Fry Pan 20cm
Outside coating/finish
Diameter | Dimension (PP)
20 Cm
Oven compatibility
Dishwasher Safe
YES, but we recommend handwashing



Pathetic experience with similar product WMF PermaDur Element Bratpfanne, Ø 24 cm
Very very bad experience. I purchased WMF PermaDur Element Bratpfanne, Ø 24 cm, within 7 months, the coating layer started coming off. I raised a complaint to the customer service, initially my request was ignored saying that it is not a defect, even though it has 5 years of warranty. After few emails and argument, one customer service professional agreed to provide me a value similar to the pan to purchase something else. I wanted a replacement. Then I was told that this pan is not available anymore and I have to choose from other products. I chose another similar pan. Then I got a confirmation email stating that the pan was ordered for me free of cost and I will receive this soon. After that no reply, no order confirmation email, no sign of receiving anything. Sending email to customer service, the email does not get delivered with a message that:
"Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Internal Email Direct WMF DE (contact-de@wmf.com)
The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly. "
The contact form does not work in English.

Again another person from customer service sends me an email asking for tracking number for returned item. I was never asked to send anything back by WMF, rather I was promised to get a replacement for the defective pan.
It is one month now after complaining, nothing happened yet, just wastage of my time purchasing this product. Never again!!
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*In accordance with Reg. (EC) No. 1907/2006