WMF Vitalis Aroma Steamer 6,5l

Pleasurable steaming that fully preserves vitamins and aroma

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The WMF Vitalis Aroma Steamer

Offering total retention of aroma, flavor and nutritional value, the WMF Vitalis Aroma Steamer is a welcome addition to any kitchen. Discover healthy fish, meat and vegetables steam-cooked to perfection with vitamins fully preserved, with a built-in thermometer and durable craftsmanship for flawless results over time.
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Healthy and versatile results
Featuring a lid with built-in thermometer for perfect results, steam all your favorite ingredients with total precision, with gentle treatment assured for healthy, full-flavored cooking.
High-capacity rectangular design
The compact rectangular surface offers the perfect dimensions and volume to steam all your favorite ingredients while saving space and fitting effortlessly on the stove and in the cupboard.
Versatile and easy to use
Enjoy total versatility and healthier meals thanks to multifunctional cookware that can be used on the stovetop and in the oven up to 250 °C (without lid) and 180 °C (with lid).
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Product Name
WMF Vitalis Aroma Steamer 6,5l
Dishwasher Safe
YES, except lids and accessories



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