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Cutlery set 30-pcs.

  • WMF
  • Besteckset 30-teilig
  • 30-pcs.
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Product details


  • Each cutlery item offers a pleasant, ergonomic feel that fits perfectly in every hand.
  • Thanks to the patented surface finishing, the items are extremely resistant  to scratches and signs of everyday use. Polished surfaces stay shiny, while matt finishes stay matt  – for long-lasting beauty.
  • The knives are forged from a single piece of stainless blade steel and hardened  as a whole. The specially designed serrated edge ensures long-lasting, optimal sharpness.
  • All items are of the highest quality and have been manufactured with care  so they can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.

Product description

The beauty of contrasts: Make every dining experience an eye-catching one with the new WMF Kineo cutlery. Inspired by modern architecture and with polished facets reminiscent of precious jewellery, contrasting symmetrical and asymmetrical lines come together for stunning results. Offering a refined aesthetic that is bold yet timeless, this ergonomic cutlery set fits perfectly in every hand. Through the patented Cromargan protect® surface finishing, the WMF Kineo cutlery remains free from scratches and signs of everyday use and thus becomes a permanently beautiful, durable piece of jewellery. WMF Kineo perfectly complements the design family ""Design Attitude"" and becomes a real WMF design statement thanks to its extraordinary shape. In combination with the unique and innovative technology Cromargan protect®, the cutlery pattern is offered at an attractive price point.


SKU: 3201017822
Alte Art. Nr.: 12.6891.6342
EAN 4000530713285
Brand WMF
Collection Kineo
Size sets 30-pcs.
Material Cromargan protect
Material property polished
Product properties Easy to clean and care for
Color stainless steel
Care Dishwasher safe
Cromargan protect

WMF Cromargan® Protect Technology

Cutlery that always looks as good as new even after years of use – no longer just wishful thinking but now a reality. WMF Cromargan protect means the surface of the cutlery items always looks flawless. The passing of time hardly leaves a trace, even after extended use.

When WMF was the first company to use stainless steel for the manufacturing of cutlery and household appliances more than 80 years ago, this marked the start of one of the most progressive chapters in the history of cooking and housekeeping. The material, which is known by the name Cromargan®, cannot tarnish, is rustproof, acid-resistant, unbreakable, easy to clean and so is extremely durable.

150 years after its first cutlery model was launched onto the market, in 2009 WMF introduced cutlery finished with Cromargan protect. Cromargan protect is produced using a thermochemical treatment process. This involves adding nitrogen to stainless steel at high temperatures, which penetrates into the material and results in a much harder surface after it cools down. This makes the material extremely resistant against signs of wear, and means it still looks as good as new even after years of use. Even intensive use and frequent cleaning in the dishwasher has no adverse effects. Polished surfaces never lose their shine, and matt surfaces stay matt. A brilliant innovation, which is patented and internationally protected by the WMF brand. 

Your cutlery stays looking as beautiful as on the day you bought it.

  • Extremely resistant to scratches and signs of wear and tear

  • Polished surfaces stay shiny, matt finishes stay matt.

  • Knife blades made of high-grade special blade stay sharp for longer

  • Rustproff and dishwasher safe.

  • Unique WMF design that gives you pleasure every day.

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