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  • KAISER Cuisine Line

    KAISER Cuisine Line

    Don't just use any kind of sheet or casserole pan for cooking, baking and roasting. You need quality that is worthy of the name and won't let you down when creating challenging recipes. Like the products in our CUISINE LINE range. The extra heavy-duty sheets and pans have a durable, non-stick enamel coating, are particularly good at conducting heat and are suitable for temperatures up to 450 °C. Professional cooks know how important this is. And your favourite recipes will prove it!

    Starting at: €16.95

  • KAISER Delicious

    KAISER Delicious

    With KAISER DELICIOUS, the possibilities for your recipe ideas are endless. A large choice of baking sheets and casserole pans make hearty baking even more diverse and versatile. In addition, all of the sheets have a non-stick coating, are easy to clean and ensure even browning – whether you are cooking pizzas, casseroles, roasts, fries or quiches.

    Starting at: €9.99

  • KAISER Brot Back Formen

    KAISER Brot Back Formen

    It's easy to bake your favourite bread yourself using the bread pans from KAISER. Because not only do you know what is in it, but also that your results are guaranteed to be successful! Finally, all KAISER bread pans also have a sour dough-resistant non-stick coating and are therefore also suitable for bread mixes. Try it for yourself – and create oven-fresh bread to suit your own tastes.