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Bread and Pumpkin Knife Chef`s Edition

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  • 1-pc.
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Product details


  • Keine Übergänge zwischen Klinge, Kropf und Heft. Auch für Linkshänder geeignet
  • Material: Special blade steel, forged
  • Performance Cut Technologie: Verbindung von traditionellem Schmiedeverfahren mit modernster Präzisionstechnologie für überragende und lang anhaltende Schärfe.
  • Ergonomisch geformter Griff und ideal ausbalanciertes Gewicht von Klinge und Griff für angenehme Handhabung.
  • Made in Germany - Messer in Premium-Qualität, hergestellt in eigener Klingenschmiede in Deutschland.

Product description

Whether you are an amateur or a professional chef, a vegetarian or a meat lover, have a small or a large kitchen, you should always have a certain number of knives. After all, different knives are recommended for optimally preparing different foods. Each knife set contains a varying range of different knives. For example, the five-piece sets in the Grand Class, Grand Gourmet and Spitzenklasse Plus collections cover the whole range of essential kitchen knives – a vegetable knife, a chef’s knife, an all-purpose knife, a meat knife and a bread knife – leaving you optimally equipped. Three-piece sets are also available – mostly consisting of a chef’s knife, a preparing knife and a vegetable knife – for less-demanding requirements. Those who like a splash of colour will be delighted with the bright and colourful sets in the Touch series, while the sets containing Japanese or Asian knives are ideal for those looking for something special. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from. Which set is best for you?

Bei dieser Messer-Serie ist der Name Programm: Die Chef's Edition wurde für Kochprofis entworfen und für all jene die beim Schneiden höchste Präzision wünschen. Die Idee zur Kollektion entstand nach einem Workshop zu Handhaltung und Technik beim Schneiden. Denn Profiköche halten breite Messer zwischen Daumen und Zeigefinger am Übergang zum Kropf – genau dort also wo sich bei üblichen Messern eine scharfe Kante findet. Diese Erkenntnis führte zur Entwicklung von Schneidewerkzeug mit fließenden Übergängen zwischen Klinge und Kropf sowie am Messerrücken. Ohne scharfe Kanten schmiegen sich die Messer der Chef’s Edition perfekt in die Hand und schneiden mühelos dickstes Fleisch und knackigstes Gemüse. Dank der fugenlosen Verarbeitung der Edelstahlgriffe sind die Modelle besonders pflegeleicht und hygienisch. Zur Serie gehören je ein Spick- und Allzweckmesser Koch- Fleisch- und Brotmesser sowie ein chinesisches Kochmesser. Alle Klingen wurden mit Performance Cut gefertigt und ermöglichen so auf lange Zeit überragende Schärfe. Neben ihren haptischen und funktionalen Eigenschaften gefällt die Chef’s Edition auch durch moderne Optik.


SKU: 18.8202.9992
EAN 4000530698445
Brand WMF
Collection Chef's Edition
Size sets 1-pc.
Scope of delivery 1x Brotmesser (Länge 37 cm, Klingenlänge 24 cm)
Material Special blade steel, forged
Building material Cromargan Edelstahl-Griff
Product properties Performance Cut, Double serrated edge
Production Made in Germany
Length (cm) 37
Blade-length (cm) 24
Color stainless steel
Care Wash by hand
Performance Cut

WMF Performance Cut Technology

Cut for as long as you want. Your knife always stays uniquely sharp. 


What does Performance Cut Technology mean? 

It is the combination of the traditional forging process with the latest precision technology. It is, for instance, a new, innovative finishing of the steel and a high-precision sharpening process of the blades. This results in knives with an optimal cutting angle, which remain sharp for an unbelievably long time. 

Cut for as long as you want. Your knife always stays uniquely sharp.

  • Performance Cut combines traditional forging methods with the latest developments in precision technology.

  • Performance Cut technology for outstanding and long-lasting sharpness.

  • Blades made of forged special blade steel.

  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant.

Traditional forging craft and the latest 'Made in Germany' technology

Traditional forging craft and the latest 'Made in Germany' technology

WMF follows the tradition of cutlers and uses particular care for this craft. From 2014, the company will combine the traditional art of forging with the latest precision technology in manufacturing. Tests show that WMF household knives that are made with this Performance Cut Technology exceed the standard for cutting performance by double. 

In Hayingen, a small town in the middle of the Swabian Alb, WMF operates one of the largest blade forges in Germany. Annually, hundreds of thousands of knives are made in the company's own factory according to the traditional drop forging process. In this process, blades made of special blade steel are worked over the whole length with the forging hammer. About 30 work steps are required before the customer is holding a knife of the highest quality in their hands: From the examination of the raw material to the packaging and shipping of the knife.

Every work step is subject to strict quality controls. Only in this way can WMF ensure the high quality standard at every phase of the manufacturing process. The result is 'Made in Germany' knife blades that are phenomenally sharp, precise in their cut and retain their cutting performance for a long time.

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