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"You’ve probably already noticed that espresso doesn’t taste good in large cups. What has long been common knowledge about wine, also applies to coffee. The Barista porcelain series includes an individual cup for every type of coffee speciality, so the coffee’s special aroma can develop to its full potential. Three factors are key for this: the cup dimensions (height and diameter), the material thickness and the shape. The cup sizes are designed to match to the usual quantities of drink. The wall and base thickness ensure that the coffee doesn’t cool too quickly and a stable crema can form in the open tulip shape. The cup and saucer match each other perfectly. The relief on the base ensures that the cup remains in a stable position on the saucer and means that cups can be stacked. Matching accessories complement the series.

The benefits:
• The perfectly coordinated cup for every coffee speciality.
• The right spoon for every cup.
• Accessories with a matching design.
• Stable position thanks to the relief on the cup base and saucer.
• Stackable.
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