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Disney Cars

The real deal – this set will make all little boys' hearts race: the cool Cars put you at the heart of the racing action. Engines are roaring, tyres are screeching, and you can smell the burning rubber. A different car is illustrated on each piece of cutlery. Boys will want to get behind the wheel themselves, and have a clear goal in sight until they have eaten everything on their plate. Two powerful brands have joined forces in WMF and Walt Disney. The result of combining 125 years of experience in making cutlery for children and the heroes from Hollywood's dream factory is children's cutlery adorned with lovingly designed motifs to delight children everywhere.

The advantages:
• An extremely likeable children's motif.
• Cromargan®: stainless steel 18/10 polished.
• Dishwasher safe in accordance with RAL-RG 604.
• An appropriate size to match the level of motor skills of a child in the recommended age range.
Disney Cars
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