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CeraDur Plus

The aluminium frying pan is coated with the ceramic-based non-stick CeraDur. The ceramic CeraDur coating provides exceptional non-stick properties and is extremely heat resistant up to 400 °C. You can use the frying pan to fry delicate food like fish or seafood at moderate temperatures or to finish cooking seared meat and poultry. The base of the pan is suitable for all cooker types, especially induction. The ergonomically shaped handle is flame resistant. Available in 3 sizes and as an oven pan.

The benefits to you:
• An aluminium frying pan with CeraDur non-stick coating.
• Ceramic coating - extremely heat resistant up to 400°C.
• Ergonomic handle with flame protection.
• Suitable for all kinds of hob - including induction.
• 2-year guarantee.
CeraDur Plus
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