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Chef´s Edition

As the name suggests, the Chef’s Edition series of knives was developed for professionals and all those who expect perfection when cutting. Hold the knife like the professionals do – in the middle of the bolster – and the handle fits snugly into your hand as if it had been specially made for you. This gives you a feeling of safety when cutting. The blades with Performance Cut technology guarantee that you’ll benefit from excellent sharpness for a long time. Made entirely of stainless steel, the blades also cut an impressive figure thanks to their chic appearance.

The benefits:
• Safe cutting with professional handling.
• Blades made of forged special blade steel – sturdy and dimensionally stable.
• Performance Cut technology for outstanding and long-lasting sharpness.
• Forged bolster for better balance.
• Ergonomic handles made of Cromargan®, completely hygienic.
Chef´s Edition
Set Ascending Direction
  • Soup ladle-Set, 5pcs.
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Soup ladle Chef`s Edition
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Skimming ladle Chef`s Edition
  • Set of kitchen knives Chef`s Edition 3-p
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Larding knife Chef`s Edition 10cm
  • Knife block, empty
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Knife block with knives Chef`s Edition

    Regular Price: €549.00

    Special Price €449.00

    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Chin. Chopping knife Chef`s Edition 18,5
  • Chef`s Edition kitchen tool set, 6 piece
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Chef's knife Chef`s Edition 20cm
  • Chef's Edition knife set, 2-piece
  • Chef's Edition knife block, 5-pcs., Asia

    Regular Price: €499.00

    Special Price €399.00

    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Carving knife Chef`s Edition 20cm
  • Bread knife Chef`s Edition 24cm
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Bread and Pumpkin Knife Chef`s Edition

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