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Corvo Cromargan® protect

The Corvo cutlery range is full of surprises. No matter how much you rotate and turn the knife, it always looks great. Resting on the blade, the knife handle visually matches the fork and spoon. If you lay the knife sideways, the end of the handle is narrow and gets gradually wider the closer it gets to the blade. Just swap the cutlery around when you lay the table. This way you create a new impression each time using the same cutlery.

Quality features:
• Matt Cromargan® protect. Dishwasher safe.
• Hollow handle knife with inserted, forged steel blade.

Stylistic features:
• Modern length with balanced proportions.
• Entire matt surface.
• Carefully rounded edges for a pleasant feel.
• Features: The knife blades can be placed lying down or standing up.
Corvo Cromargan® protect
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