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The illustrations on the cutlery tell the story of two friends, Little Bear and Little Tiger, and their yellow and black striped wooden duck on wheels. Together they travel to Panama, the land of their dreams. On the way they meet all sorts of different animals and experience all kinds of adventures. Without realising it, when they reach their final destination they have actually arrived home, where they then live happily ever after. Through his story, the children's author Janosch tries to make the readers (and listeners) appreciate their own home. The individual characters are lovingly illustrated on the pieces of cutlery.

The advantages:
• An extremely likeable children's motif.
• Cromargan®: stainless steel 18/10 polished.
• Dishwasher safe in accordance with RAL-RG 604.
• An appropriate size to match the level of motor skills of a child in the recommended age range.
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