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Premiere Cromargan® protect

Premiere cutlery has a long and proud tradition. The simple design goes back to the Biedermeier period. The delicate leaf motif is masterfully crafted and is repeated on the back. The octagonal knife handle is unusual, which makes the piece stand out from the others. The elaborate design of the head demonstrates the high standards of manufacturing and workmanship.

Quality features:
• Cromargan® protect, polished. Dishwasher safe.
• Hollow handle knife with inserted, forged steel blade.

Stylistic features:
• In the Biedermeier tradition.
• Decorative line around the edge and a leaf motif at the end of the handle.
• Precisely machined design.
• Features: octagonal knife handle and elaborate workmanship on the head
Premiere Cromargan® protect
Set Descending Direction
  • Cake fork PREMIERE CROM.
  • Cake server PREMIERE
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Dessert fork PREMIERE CROM.
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Espresso spoon PREMIERE CROM.
  • Fish knife and fork 2 pieces PREMIERE CR
  • Salad servers PREMIERE CROM. large
  • Serving fork PREMIERE CROM.
  • Set 30 PREMIERE Cromargan Protect
  • Set 66 PREMIERE Cromargan Protect
  • Soup ladle PREMIERE CROM.
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Table fork PREMIERE CROM.
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Table knife PREMIERE CROM.
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Table spoon PREMIERE CROM.
  • Teaspoon PREMIERE CROM.
  • Vegetable serv.spoon PREMIERE CROM.

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