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First-class roasting with Silargan® frying pans. With its ultra-hard, ceramic and non-porous surface, Silargan® is robust, scratchproof and non-abrasive, easy to clean and nickel-free. In other words, the ideal material for your frying pan. The Professional pans range with their extra-strong steel core are ideal for frying at high temperatures and therefore for all food that is fried until crispy. So the food has a nice and crispy crust on the outside, yet stays tender and juicy inside.
The benefits:
• Flared pouring rim for easy pouring.
• Extra-strong steel core for fast heat transmission into the rim and long-lasting heat retention
• The best frying properties due to the dark frying surface, even at high temperatures.
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  • Stewing pan deep 24cm Professional
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Stewing pan 28cm Professional
  • Silit Professional Schmorpfanne, Ø 28 cm
  • Silit Professional Maxi-Bratpfanne, Ø 36 cm
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Silit Professional Bratpfanne, Ø 28 cm
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Silit Professional Bratpfanne hoch mit Gegengriff, Ø 28cm
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Oval roasting pan w.lid38x26cm st. steel
  • Oval roasting pan w.l. 36cm Professional
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Multi-purpose roasting pan 38cm Silargan
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • High stewpot w. lid 28cm Silargan
  • Handle f. frying pan 24cm Professional
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Handle f. frying pan 20cm Professional
  • Gourmet roasting pan w.l.32cm Anthracite
  • Gourmet roasting pan w.l. 32cm Silargan
  • Frying pan deep 24cm Professional
  • Frying pan deep 20cm Professional
    Incl. Tax / Excl. Shipping
  • Fry-and-serve pan 24cm Professional
  • Fry-and-serve pan 20cm Professional
  • Fry and serve pan 28cm Professional

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