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Cooking with Vision thrills discerning amateur cooks and design aficionados alike. The innovative cookware made of Silargan® combines sublime aesthetics with sophisticated functionality. The range has been thought out consistently and developed with a passion for detail. Ideal for cooking with a minimum amount of water and for low-fat cooking. Vision is designed for all types of food preparation. Pots and inserts are coordinated with one another, and you can mix and match them to your heart’s content. Their metallic grey, reflective high-gloss surface with a sensual structure is a revolutionary synthesis of steel, functional ceramics and unique functionality. Vision made of Silargan® comes with a timeless design and a 30-year guarantee – made for eternity.

The benefits for you:
- Wide pouring rim
- Oven-proof metal handles
- Suitable for all kinds of hobs
- Can be stacked to save space
- See-through lid made of heat-resistant high-quality glass with stainless steel rim
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