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Vision Cromargan® protect

Design is something that can be felt. You will feel it when you hold the Vision cutlery in your hand. The unusual length and the material thickness make the cutlery feel like a sculpture and gives it a solid and three-dimensional appearance. The asymmetric bevelling at the end of the handle is distinctive. The well-balanced proportions and the silky matt finish mean that Vision cutlery feels good to touch. The knife can be placed lying down or standing up.

Quality features:
•  Cromargan® protect. Matt. Dishwasher safe.
• Hollow handle knife with inserted, forged steel blade.

Stylistic features:
• Accentuated length with balanced proportions.
• Extremely thick material.
• Carefully rounded edges.
• Asymmetric bevelling at the end of the handle.
• Features: The knife can be placed lying down or standing up.
Vision Cromargan® protect
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