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    Cooking experts.
    Since 1920.


    Cooking is an everyday occurrence. And every day something new happens.

    Eating is more than just ingesting food, and cooking is more than just preparing meals. Together, they represent a social event that unites people across borders, cultural groups, generations and viewpoints. Cooking is part of any busy, colourful life.

    Since the Silit brand was introduced in 1920, we have been developing products that make cooking a simpler, more beautiful, quicker and more sustainable experience. In doing so, we have always focused on the needs of our customers. With precise, Made in Germany workmanship and the highest standards when it comes to function, ergonomics and aesthetics.

    This is the basis of our authenticity. So over more than 90 years, Silit has become a brand that people around the world are happy to trust on a daily basis.

    Natural cooking with Silargan.

    Silargan® is the perfect material for everyone who likes to cook naturally with authentic-tasting results. Developed by experts, Silargan® preserves the full taste and natural aroma of every single ingredient.

    Silit has therefore caused a minor revolution in the cooking world. And that’s what makes a culinary expert: a blend of knowledge, experience and ground-breaking innovations.

    For everyone who wants to wholeheartedly enjoy the full flavour and natural aroma of the ingredients used in cooking, Silargan® is the perfect material. The unique functional ceramic with its non-porous closed surface is both cut- and scratch-resistant and sets new standards for health-conscious cooking.

    So that food naturally tastes better, Silargan® leaves nothing to be desired and makes no compromises: With a nickel-free surface**. With quick heat conduction and optimum heat retention for energy-saving cooking. Available in lots of fresh colours to suit all tastes.

    Silargan® products stand for innovation and the ultimate “Made in Germany” quality, as well as sustainability and energy-efficient functionality. Because we are convinced of its high quality level, we offer a 30-year warranty on our functional ceramic.

    * The 30-year warranty is guaranteed for the inner and outer ceramic Silargan® surface of the cookware. The warranty only applies if the product is used as intended. More detailed provisions about the scope of the guarantee declaration and proper use can be found in the operating manuals enclosed with the products.

    ** Inner and outer surface made of nickel-free ceramic Silargan®.



    Silit is a central theme in the kitchen.

    No matter what tasks need done in the kitchen, with Silit you always have the right solution. As reliable tools for every step of the cooking process, our products ensure perfect, authentic-tasting results.

    Times are changing. And so are we.

    In 1920, the first cookware range was launched under the brand name Silit. Seven years later, Silit brought out a global innovation: the Sicomatic® pressure cooker.

    We were able to adopt revolutionary approaches to cookware design. We developed the Silargan® functional ceramic using a completely new material to satisfy the demands of natural, authentic-tasting and health-conscious cooking.

    These examples alone demonstrate that the interplay between design, function and aesthetics is a common theme throughout our company’s history. That history has been shaped by our ability and desire to understand how people’s needs change over time and to serve them. For as long as people keep changing, our story will not be over.

    Silit Historie

    Made in Germany

    Silit Luftaufnahme

    For more than 90 years, Silit has been bringing high-quality products to homes both in Germany and all over the world. Our site in Riedlingen, with its years of tradition and history, ensures that these products also meet the highest quality standards.

    Close collaboration with experts in design, function and production guarantee the brand’s innovative strength.

    The fact that Silit has been setting quality standards for decades now is also thanks to the employees, who identify closely with the products. And their expertise, developed over many years with and through the site. It is only when all of these factors come together that products worthy of the “Made in Germany” quality seal exist.

    And that’s the case with Silargan® pots.