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WMF brings pleasure into your life

WMF offers gourmets high-quality, functional and beautifully crafted products that satisfy even the most stringent design standards.

WMF has been a powerful tradition for more than 160 years. The company has an international presence, sets standards with its innovations and is an important source of inspiration within the market. WMF offers gourmets high-quality, functional and beautifully crafted products that satisfy even the most stringent design standards.

With WMF as a partner by your side, preparing, cooking, eating and drinking becomes a culinary highlight. From preparing ingredients using precise cutting kitchen knives through to cooking and frying with innovative cookware and frying pans, eating using suitable cutlery that sits comfortably in the hand, adorning your table with stylish decanters, glasses and other accessories or sipping a perfectly brewed espresso, WMF has been making each of these moments special since 1853.

Our 4 moments of pleasure

Gourmet moment: Preparing

Shredding, chopping, foaming or stirring — nothing beats getting to work in the kitchen. Whether cooking for one or spending an evening cooking with friends — from peeling onions to washing vegetables, it's a cosy and enjoyable experience. The practical and beautifully designed kitchen gadgets simplify every step in the kitchen so that nothing can stand in the way of cooking.

Gourmet moment: Cooking

Let it bubble, steam and splutter! Now the cooking can begin. The meat is spluttering in the frying pan, the vegetables are cooking gently and there is steam and sizzling in all corners of the room. WMF's innovative pots and frying pans are real team players in the kitchen and offer perfect support to all keen cooks. Cooking is a pleasure and a passion that can be truly experienced with WMF.

Gourmet moment: Dining

Lay the table, serve and enjoy! Dinner's ready. The table is laid and the food served — taste does not stop at the food! Whether cooking for friends, family, a birthday or just because: dining is twice as good at an elegantly laid table.
WMF cutlery and table accessories convey a pure zest for life and make eating a truly pleasurable moment.

Gourmet moment: Drinking

Pour out, refill and top up! Before, during and after eating. Infused and poured — drinking is more than just a basic need. WMF products ensure that drinks — with their bubbles, warmth and aromas — can also be savoured. Stylish glasses, as well as tea, coffee and espresso cups, add a touch of class to every meal, while wine decanters make a Bordeaux a real highlight. WMF achieves harmony by combining functional elements with aesthetics, resulting in products that create feel-good moments.

WMF Design – Winner of multiple awards

Design has always been an integral part of WMF's corporate philosophy. The products are designed to be distinctive. Today, WMF's internal creative team works in close cooperation with renowned international designers from many different disciplines. The company takes a holistic approach to design, combining aesthetics, function and usability, while always focusing on the customer. WMF products are intended to make preparing, cooking, eating and drinking an emotional experience for customers. WMF’s success in this is shown in the numerous design awards that the company receives year after year.

Quality on the table.

WMF cutlery made from Cromargan protect®
  • Extremely resistant to all signs of wear and tear.
  • Polished surfaces stay shiny, matt finishes stay matt.
  • Knife blades made of high-grade special blade steel stay sharp for longer.
  • Rustproof and dishwasher safe.
  • Unique WMF design that gives you pleasure every day.

Ultimate sharpness.

WMF knives with Performance Cut technology.

Performance Cut combines traditional forging methods with the latest developments in precision technology.
The results are:

  • Excellent and long-lasting sharpness.
  • Blades made of forged special blade steel – sturdy and resistant to corrosion.
  • Forged bolster for better balance and safe cutting.


With Cool+ technology, pot handles never heat up, even when cooking or steaming.
  • Patented joining technology between the pot and the handles.
  • The handles don't heat up during cooking.
  • Easily recognisable by the bright red dots.


Everything began with him.
In 1853, mill owner Daniel Straub, together with the Schweizer brothers, Louis and Friedrich, established the Straub & Schweizer metal works in Geislingen an der Steige, Germany. Only a few years later in 1862, their silver-plated tableware and serving dishes were awarded a medal of distinction at the world exhibition in London.
Six years later, the first sales subsidiary was founded in Berlin. In 1880, the company merged with the metal works company Ritter & Co. to form the Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik (WMF). From the very outset, the company has felt committed to perfect gourmet moments and perfect cuisine.
This responsibility is visible and tangible in all its products.