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  • Merit Cromargan® protect

    Merit Cromargan® protect

    Merit cutlery has timeless beauty, is unpretentious, yet has some fine details. Only when you hold it in your hand do you appreciate how pleasurable it feels. Thick material and rounded edges give this cutlery a pleasant tactile quality. The protruding knife blade is strikingly formed. The "eyes" on the fork prongs are a stylistic nod to tradition.

    Starting at: €15.99

  • Silk Cromargan®

    Silk Cromargan®

    Cutlery like velvet and silk. The Silk cutlery lives up to its name. Soft shapes, smooth transitions and balanced proportions make it pleasant to touch. The knife blade follows the curve of the handle and leads it to a harmonious conclusion. A silky satin finish rounds off the overall impression.

    Starting at: €4.99

  • Premiere Cromargan® protect

    Premiere Cromargan® protect

    Premiere cutlery has a long and proud tradition. The simple design goes back to the Biedermeier period. The delicate leaf motif is masterfully crafted and is repeated on the back. The octagonal knife handle is unusual, which makes the piece stand out from the others. The elaborate design of the head demonstrates the high standards of manufacturing and workmanship.

    Starting at: €15.99

  • Augsburger Faden Cromargan®

    Augsburger Faden Cromargan®

    Augsburger Faden is a traditional cutlery that reflects the style of the 18th century. Its unmistakable stylistic features are its austere formality and conciseness, which distance it from the richness of shapes during the Baroque era. The decorative line around the edge was a favourite stylistic element of silversmiths in Augsburg.

    Starting at: €8.99

  • Sydney Cromargan®

    Sydney Cromargan®

    Harmonious shapes and balanced proportions lend the Sydney cutlery an understated elegance. The cutlery lies comfortably in your hand thanks to the gentle curves, high material thickness and carefully rounded edges. The cutlery's simplicity means it can be combined in many different ways.

    Starting at: €4.99

  • Boston Cromargan®

    Boston Cromargan®

    Boston is a cutlery for everyday use that is simple and uncomplicated. The shape and proportions are contemporary. The cutlery has been carefully machined. The edges are rounded and the surface is polished. The timeless design can be combined in a variety of ways, and is suitable for all occasions.

    Starting at: €4.99

  • Denver Cromargan®

    Denver Cromargan®

    The tailored shape and broad handle end give the Denver cutlery its unique identity. Its contemporary length works well with larger plates. Denver is stylish and eye-catching. The polished surface emphasises the overall impression.

    Starting at: €3.95

  • Palermo Cromargan®

    Palermo Cromargan®

    An accentuated design and clear contours are what gives this cutlery its character. Its proportions and lengths are in sync with modern ideas in design. Palermo is low-key, but never boring. It can be combined in a variety of ways, goes well with modern and traditional shapes, with single-coloured and patterned porcelain.

    Starting at: €2.99

  • Evoque Cromargan® protect

    Evoque Cromargan® protect

    The Evoque cutlery is rigorous in every sense, and is a hit with all those who like clear shapes. The sleek linear design offers no distractions. The transition between the handle and the front end is smooth and gives the cutlery presence. The silky satin finish exudes warmth. When you hold the cutlery in your hand you will feel its irresistible charm. The double brushed surface feels like velvet.

    Starting at: €10.99

  • Dune Cromargan®

    Dune Cromargan®

    Dune is a sleek cutlery for everyday use. Modern proportions and clear parallel lines give it a functional character. Dune's understated look lets it be combined in a variety of ways. Some particular details include the parallel lines, the striking offset knife blade, and the gently-rounded handle end.

    Starting at: €2.99

  • Virginia Cromargan® protect

    Virginia Cromargan® protect

    Virginia is a cutlery of contrasts. Organic rounded contours meet asymmetrical lines. Matt surfaces contrast with polished ones. The flowing lines result in harmonious shapes. The designer took inspiration from nature when designing this cutlery.

    Starting at: €14.99

  • Flame Cromargan® protect

    Flame Cromargan® protect

    Slim and graceful — at first glance, the Flame cutlery appears quite delicate. Its simplicity and unobtrusive elegance are delightful. Despite its slenderness, Flame feels smooth and comfortable in your hand. The long, emphasised knife blade is striking and makes the cutlery look flamboyant.

    Starting at: €6.99

  • Michalsky Cromargan® protect

    Michalsky Cromargan® protect

    A cutlery set for all lovers of modern classic designs. The impressive size gives the Michalsky cutlery presence and self-confidence. The knife blades and front parts of the cutlery are strikingly offset. The famous designer Michael Michalsky has taken classics from the WMF archive and transformed them into contemporary-looking designs. The decorative line around the edge is reminiscent of traditional models. This was a popular stylistic element of silversmiths in Augsburg. It is precisely machined and runs from the front to the back.

    Starting at: €22.99

  • Stratic Cromargan® protect

    Stratic Cromargan® protect

    Striking, dynamic and masculine — just what you expect from cutlery created by the Porsche Design Studio. The Stratic cutlery is pared down to the absolute essentials and gives an impression of being dominant, but not intrusive. A cutlery for all those who know what they want. Its proportions look modern, and the rectangular surfaces and gently rounded edges give a well-balanced look. The distinct curve at the end of the handle is striking. It demonstrates precision and perfection, combining design with technology.

    Starting at: €5.95

  • Jette Cromargan® protect

    Jette Cromargan® protect

    A cutlery set for all those who like to be surrounded by a touch of glamour. The Jette cutlery was created by the designer Jette Joop. The basic shape is classic, the length and proportions are modern. The bevelling at the end of the handles is sculpted and reminiscent of the cut of a precious gem.

    Starting at: €11.99

  • Kult Cromargan® protect

    Kult Cromargan® protect

    If you are primarily drawn towards functional aspects then you will love the Kult cutlery range. The design does not feature any decorative elements and it offers no distractions. The outlines may be clear and sober, but the thinking behind the proportions incorporates the latest ideas in design. By paring back on the formal elements, the emphasis is upon function. The result is cutlery that helps you enjoy your food.

    Starting at: €8.99

  • Corvo Cromargan® protect

    Corvo Cromargan® protect

    The Corvo cutlery range is full of surprises. No matter how much you rotate and turn the knife, it always looks great. Resting on the blade, the knife handle visually matches the fork and spoon. If you lay the knife sideways, the end of the handle is narrow and gets gradually wider the closer it gets to the blade. Just swap the cutlery around when you lay the table. This way you create a new impression each time using the same cutlery.

    Starting at: €9.99

  • Atic Cromargan® protect

    Atic Cromargan® protect

    Atic is a modern cutlery range with harmonious proportions. It is both peaceful and beautiful in its simplicity. Due to its understated appearance and discreet elegance, the cutlery is a harmonious addition to a modern décor. It coordinates with single-coloured crockery as well as with bright patterns, and can be combined in a variety of ways.

    Starting at: €6.99

  • Ambiente Cromargan® protect

    Ambiente Cromargan® protect

    The Ambiente cutlery combines contrasts to create a harmonious whole. The end of the handle is broad and flat, and at the neck it is narrow and gently curves upwards. Thanks to this sophisticated detail, the transition from the handle to the front part is emphasised. The cutlery therefore has a unique identity.

    Starting at: €9.99

  • Kent Cromargan® protect

    Kent Cromargan® protect

    The Kent cutlery brings together traditional styles and contemporary forms. The long fork prongs, the large knife blade and the protruding bowl of the spoon counterbalance the wide handle. The decorative line around the edge is reminiscent of classic designs. This harmonious blend enables it to be combined in a variety of ways. It fits into a country house style as well as a trendy environment without sacrificing any of its individuality.

    Starting at: €6.99

  • Sonic Cromargan® protect

    Sonic Cromargan® protect

    Clear contours and the emphasised functional design give the Sonic cutlery its character. It does not appear stern, but rather graceful and stylish. Despite its remarkable slenderness, Sonic sits very gently and pleasantly in your hand. The "eyes" on the fork prongs are a stylistic element. Quality that can be seen and felt.

    Starting at: €10.99

  • Stamp


    Long and slim with smooth transitions - Stamp cutlery was created by Robin Platt, one of the most successful British designers in the last decade. The 30 piece or 60 piece sets come with tablespoons, forks and knives as well as coffee spoons and cake forks, to serve six or twelve persons. The details of the set complement one another perfectly - in the same harmonious way Stamp blends beautifully with any table décor and matches any type of tableware. Crafted from polished Cromargan®, the cutlery pieces are pleasant to hold, everlasting, durable and ideal for everyday use. Any number of individual WMF items are available to complement this set. This cutlery is easy to care for and dishwasher safe.

    Starting at: €3.99