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Kult Cromargan® protect

If you are primarily drawn towards functional aspects then you will love the Kult cutlery range. The design does not feature any decorative elements and it offers no distractions. The outlines may be clear and sober, but the thinking behind the proportions incorporates the latest ideas in design. By paring back on the formal elements, the emphasis is upon function. The result is cutlery that helps you enjoy your food.

Quality features:
• Cromargan® protect, polished. Dishwasher safe.
• Hollow handle knife with inserted, forged steel blade.

Stylistic features:
• Its accentuated length works well with larger plates.
• Balanced proportions for a balanced weight.
• The cutlery lies comfortably in your hand thanks to the high material thickness and rounded edges.
• Features: Simple and functional.
Kult Cromargan® protect
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