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    Decanter H 23cm

    SKU: 09.4765.2000
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    Product details


    • Material: WMF glass mouth-blown | dimensions: Height: 24cm, Volume: 1.5l | Item number: 0947652000
    • Transferring wine from the bottle to a decanter is preferred so that rich wines can develop their full aroma. During this so-called decantation process, the wine runs generously into the decanter and is thereby enriched with oxygen.
    • The decanter has a bulged shape, which provides a large surface for the wine to take on additional oxygen. The air can circulate in a controlled dose through the slim decanter bottleneck while the flavour cannot escape. Decanting comes from
    • For a long time, only mature, well stored red wines were decanted to separate them from their depot. Today, even younger red wines and certain white wines, such as Chardonnay or Riesling are decanted.

    Product description

    Red wines need air to breathe. Full-bodied, "heavy" wines must also be sufficiently swirled for them to develop their full aroma. The best way to enhance a wine is to use a decanter. A decanter is a large glass carafe without a handle and with an extra wide bowl. The decanter is generally filled to its widest point: this provides as much wine-air contact as possible. There is no loss of aroma due to the controlled air circulation in the slender neck of the WMF decanter. The WMF decanter holds 1.5 litres.


    EAN 4000530471000
    Brand WMF
    Size sets 1-pc.
    Material Glass
    Height (cm) 24
    Capacity (in l) 1.5
    Care Dishwasher safe
    Designer WMF Atelier (Peter Bäurle)
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