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  • Chef´s Edition

    Chef´s Edition

    As the name suggests, the Chef’s Edition series of knives was developed for professionals and all those who expect perfection when cutting. Hold the knife like the professionals do – in the middle of the bolster – and the handle fits snugly into your hand as if it had been specially made for you. This gives you a feeling of safety when cutting. The blades with Performance Cut technology guarantee that you’ll benefit from excellent sharpness for a long time. Made entirely of stainless steel, the blades also cut an impressive figure thanks to their chic appearance.

    Starting at: €27.99

  • Classic Line

    Classic Line

    The Classic Line series of knives with its modern design is perfect for people setting up their first home, or anybody who simply expects kitchen knives to be good at cutting.
    The handles, made of high-quality synthetic material with stainless steel rivets, fit comfortably and safely in your hand. They are seamlessly processed. The blades are made of special blade steel.
    In this series, you’ll find the ideal knife with the perfect blade for a range of different applications.

    Starting at: €9.99

  • Damasteel


    Damasteel is a series for people who are passionate about achieving the perfect cutting result. The blades look like they’ve come straight from a traditional Damascus forge. Thanks to modern technology, we can now do things relatively easily that once required extreme skill and effort. A newly developed process means that pulverised special steels varying in hardness can be combined in vacuum conditions at extreme pressure. The blade steel formed in this way has approximately 120 layers by comparison and is further processed using traditional forging techniques. The characteristic pattern results from etching as a reaction to the different original materials. Damasteel has excellent hardness and strength. The blades can be ground to an extremely sharp angle, giving them a particularly long-lasting sharpness.

    Starting at: €229.00

  • Grand Class

    Grand Class

    The knives in the Grand Class series combine tradition with design. The black handles with stainless steel rivets have more than just a visual bearing on the handcrafted forging of first-class quality knives. The blades, made of high-quality special blade steel, are processed in the traditional way along their entire length using a forging hammer. Performance Cut technology gives the blades a superior sharpness over a long period of time.
    The handles made of high-grade synthetic material are seamlessly processed, so there is no chance for dirt to accumulate. The ergonomic shape means that cutting food will feel great. The bolster prevents your fingers from slipping.

    Starting at: €49.99

  • Grand Gourmet

    Grand Gourmet

    Beautiful and sharp – the Grand Gourmet series does everything you’d expect of high-quality kitchen knives. The knives, made entirely of stainless steel, have a chic appearance. The handle fits the contours of your hand like a glove, and the forged bolster ensures a balanced weight and outstanding balance. The blades are extremely sharp and remain so for a very long period of time. This is guaranteed by Performance Cut technology and the high-quality special blade steel forged in the traditional way along the entire length of the blade.

    Starting at: €29.95

  • Spitzenklasse Plus

    Spitzenklasse Plus

    The classic range of the WMF knife series. With the updated design, the edges on the handle have been rounded so that the knives sit even better in your hand. The riveted handles, made of high-grade synthetic material, are seamlessly processed and guarantee optimum hygiene. All the knives have a balanced weight distribution and sit safely in your hand. The bolster provides the right balance and serves as a finger shield.
    The extensive series offers the right knife with the perfect cutting edge and matching blade shape for any purpose.

    Starting at: €29.99

  • Yari


    The “Yari” knife series impresses with its quality, sharpness and appearance. It combines traditional Far East design with superb functional characteristics. WMF has therefore developed the new “Yari” knife series for all keen cooks, with blades made from 67 layers of high-quality Japanese special blade steel. The extraordinary sharpness of the knives is due to the particularly sharp 30° cutting angle and is especially long-lasting due to the extreme hardness of the blade core – an excellent quality which has been extremely well-received by cookery enthusiasts. Thousands of years ago, the Damascene blades used by oriental warriors were known for putting the fear of God into their enemies. The reason for this was their especially accentuated and long-lasting sharpness. Today, kitchen professionals use this characteristic to their advantage.

    Starting at: €89.99

  • Touch


    Bring colour to the kitchen. With the Touch kitchen knives in fresh, modern colours, even chopping onions is fun! The plastic handle sits comfortably and securely in your hand, while the coated blade made from special blade steel provides smooth cutting and ensures that nothing sticks to the blade. Thanks to the matching blade guard, you can store the knife safely in a drawer. A chopping board made from high-grade synthetic material in matching colours is also available, and can be used as a tray. Handy kitchen scissors ensure perfect cutting.

    Starting at: €7.99