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Grand Class

The knives in the Grand Class series combine tradition with design. The black handles with stainless steel rivets have more than just a visual bearing on the handcrafted forging of first-class quality knives. The blades, made of high-quality special blade steel, are processed in the traditional way along their entire length using a forging hammer. Performance Cut technology gives the blades a superior sharpness over a long period of time.
The handles made of high-grade synthetic material are seamlessly processed, so there is no chance for dirt to accumulate. The ergonomic shape means that cutting food will feel great. The bolster prevents your fingers from slipping.

The benefits:
• Blades made of forged special blade steel – sturdy and dimensionally stable.
• Performance Cut technology for outstanding and long-lasting sharpness.
• Forged bolster for better balance.
• Ergonomic handles made of riveted, high-quality plastic shells.

Grand Class
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