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Terms of Use of myWMF

The version of these Terms of Use valid at the time the agreement is concluded will apply to the use by the end user (“User”) of myWMF offered to the User by WMF Group GmbH, Eberhardstr. 35, 73312 Geislingen/Steige, Germany (“WMF”) at

§ 1 Services and availability

  1. WMF reserves the right to amend the services provided as part of myWMF and/or to limit the length of time such services are used. The User is not entitled to derive any claims to retain specific services or elements of myWMF.

  2. After registering for myWMF, the User can view his/her orders placed, personal data, wish list and product ratings, can administer his/her newsletter settings, and can participate in the myWMF status program.

  3. At any time WMF can modify the services provided as part of myWMF, make new services available for free or subject to a fee, or discontinue the provision of free services. In this case, WMF undertakes to take the User’s justified interests into consideration.

  4. Since the services provided as part of myWMF are free, the User will not be entitled to demand uninterrupted use of myWMF. WMF does not guarantee that the access or use of myWMF will not be interrupted or impaired as a result of maintenance work or developments or for other reasons that could lead to a loss of data. WMF undertakes to ensure the use of myWMF with as few interruptions as possible. 


§ 2 Registration

  1. The User will be required to register to use specific services. Registration to use myWMF is free. To register for myWMF, the User must be of age. Minors are not permitted to register.

  2. During registration, the User will be required to enter his/her access data, that is, his/her first and last name, e-mail address, and a password. When registering, the User may not use a false name or the name of another person for which the User does not have user rights.

  3. If the data the User enters at registration changes during the term of the user relationship, the User will edit the data promptly in the personal settings section of myWMF. The User undertakes to reimburse WMF for any and all costs incurred by WMF due to the User’s provision of incorrect information. 

  4. By sending the registration data to WMF, the User makes WMF an offer to enter into a user relationship based on these Terms of Use. WMF will accept such offer at its own discretion. If the User’s registration is not confirmed by e-mail sent to the address provided by the User within a reasonable period of time, the User no longer will be bound by the offer. Receipt of the aforementioned confirmation will be deemed to be the beginning of the contractual relationship between the User and WMF and WMF will activate the requested access. As of the activation, the User will be entitled to use myWMF pursuant to these Terms of Use. To do so, the User will be required to confirm the activation by clicking the link provided in the e-mail confirmation.

  5. The User may register for myWMF only once. The registration, the contract relationship and the user account including access data are not transferrable. In general, WMF does not verify a user’s identity or any other information provided by users at registration. Therefore, WMF is not liable for ensuring the profile owners in fact are the entities the profile owners claim to be. As a precautionary measure, the User hereby authorizes WMF to use all registration information including edited information for verification purposes.

  6. The User undertakes to keep his/her access data confidential including the password and not to disclose it to unauthorized third parties.


§ 3 myWMF status

  1. After registration, the User can participate in the myWMF status program. Depending on the status reached, the User will receive discounts and exclusive offerings when placing an order in the WMF online shop. For a detailed description of the status levels and the prerequisites for reaching them, please click here.  

  2. The User’s classification to a specific status level will depend on the purchases the User makes in the WMF online shop within a given timeframe. After such timeframe expires, the classification will start again, based on the purchases made. If the User does not meet the requirements for maintaining a status level, the User will fall back to the next lower status level.


§ 4 Newsletter

In myWMF, the User can manage his/her newsletter settings or cancel or renew his/her subscription.

§ 5 Rating system; content settings

  1. As part of myWMF, WMF offers a rating system for the products offered in its online shop. The User accepts that his/her ratings will be accessible to other users of and visitors to the WMF online shop. On the respective rating page, the User can provide true statements for each product he/she has purchased. WMF will not appropriate these ratings and will not be responsible for verifying such ratings or for the content thereof.

  2. The User confirms vis-à-vis WMF that he/she is the sole owner of all rights to the content provided to WMF as part of ratings or that he/she is authorized otherwise (e.g., through a valid authorization issued by the owner of such rights) to enter the content in myWMF and to grant the aforementioned rights to use and process such content. This provision applies in particular to third-party copyrights, trademark rights or patent rights as well as to commercial and/or competition-law related performance protection rights and personal rights. Moreover, the User undertakes not to enter content that violates applicable laws.

  3. The rating system may not be used for commercial purposes. Unauthorized commercial use includes, but is not limited to,
    - all personal or third-party offerings and marketing activities relating to content, services and/or products subject to a fee;
    - all offerings, marketing and activities for a commercial purpose including contests, lucky draws, barters, advertisements or snowball systems;
    - the exploitation of services provided at including the content, for a fee.

  4. The User undertakes not to conduct any activities in or in connection with myWMF that violate applicable laws, third-party rights or the principles of protection of minors including, but not limited to,
    - entering, disseminating, offering and marketing content, services and/or products that are pornographic or violate laws for the protection of minors, data protection laws and/or other laws, and/or that are fraudulent;
    - using content that offends or slanders other users or third parties;
    - using, providing, or disseminating content, services and/or products that are protected by law or that are encumbered by the rights of third parties (e.g., copyrights) without being expressly authorized to do so.

  5. Moreover, regardless of any violation of the law, the User undertakes to refrain from the following when entering personal content in ratings:
    - disseminating content or communications that are or may be considered offensive, sexual, obscene or defamatory, and/or that serve to instigate or promote explicit or implicit racism, bigotry, hatred, physical violence or illegal actions;
    - harassing other users or promoting or supporting such harassment;
    - instigating other users to disclose passwords or personal data for commercial or illegal use;
    - disseminating and/or publicly forwarding content available at without the author’s express consent if such content is not provided expressly as a function at

  6. The User will be excluded from using myWMF immediately if he/she attempts to enter content relating to other persons that is untrue, offensive, in violation of competition laws, criminal, or otherwise illegal. 

  7. WMF reserves the right to refuse to accept content and/or to edit, block or delete existing content without notice if the User by entering such content or the content itself is in violation of these Terms of Use or if there are concrete indications of a material future breach. However, WMF undertakes to take the User’s justified interests into consideration.


§ 6 Termination of the user relationship

  1. The User can terminate the use of myWMF at any time by cancelling his/her myWMF membership in an e-mail sent to

  2. WMF reserves the right to terminate the User’s free access to myWMF or to individual services with a period of notice of fourteen (14) calendar days.


§ 7 Liability

  1. With regard to the use of myWMF, WMF’s liability for violations of obligations caused by minor negligence will be excluded unless damages resulting from death, bodily harm or harm to the health, warranties, or claims pursuant to the Product Liability Law of Germany (Produkthaftungsgesetz) are involved. 

  2. Moreover, liability for violating obligations the fulfillment of which made the proper execution of the user relationship possible and which the User can expect to rely on regularly will be unaffected. The same applies to the violation of obligations by WMF’s agents.


§ 8 Changes to these Terms of Use

  1. WMF reserves the right to change these Terms of Use effective at any time, including for existing contract relationships. WMF will communicate such changes no later than 30 calendar days before the date the changes are planned to come into effect. 

  2. If the User does not object within 30 days after receiving a notification in this regard and continues to use the services after such 30-day period expires, the User will be deemed to accept the changes as of the date of expiration of the notice period. If the User objects, the user relationship will be continued under the previous conditions. If the User objects to the continuation of the user relationship under the previous conditions, WMF reserves the right to terminate the user relationship pursuant to § 6 above. In this case, along with the confirmation regarding the changes WMF will inform the User of his/her right to object and of the consequences of an objection.


§ 9 Final provisions

For detailed information regarding WMF, the operator of myWMF, please click here:
For information regarding data protection, please refer to the data protection declaration

  1. The applicable laws will be the laws of Germany under exclusion of German international private law and the provisions of the CISG.

  2. If the User is an entrepreneur, the exclusive legal venue will be the location of WMF’s registered offices. However, WMF reserves the right to sue the User at the location of his/her registered offices.

  3. Should any of the provisions of these Terms of Use be or become invalid, the validity of the remainder of the provisions will remain unaffected. In the case of a provision being or becoming invalid, the parties will contribute to devise
    provisions that facilitate the legal achievement of results that come as close as possible to the economic intent of the invalid provision. This provision also applies to the closure of any gaps in these Terms of Use.