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WMF Perfect Ultra

The WMF pressure cooker attracts attention with its futuristic design. Operated through just a few hand movements. After the cooker is closed, you can adjust all settings using the all-in-one knob on the handle: open/shut, preselection of cooking level, steam release. The gentle steam release system ensures the cooker is always safe to open. As with all WMF pressure cookers, you can completely remove the handle for cleaning. The Cromargan® pots have an inside scale and a TransTherm universal base. An integrated removable timer gives a visual and audible signal when the food is cooked just right. Available in 2 sizes, as a pan and as a 2-part set.

The benefits to you:
• Simple to operate using the all-in-one control knob.
• Two programmable pressure settings.
• Integrated removable timer.
• Easy cleaning with removable handle.
• Cromargan®: 18/10 stainless steel material: easy to clean and scratch-resistant.
• Inside scale for accurate measuring.
• TransTherm universal base for all types of hob - including induction.
• Flame protection on the pot handle and side handle.
WMF Perfect Ultra
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