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We are very sorry to inform you that we currently cannot ship to the United Kingdom. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • WMF Perfect Plus

    WMF Perfect Plus

    The WMF Perfect Plus pressure cooker offers proven technology in a modern design. Handling and operating are as easy as 1-2-3. The rings on the clear cooking indicator show two cooking levels and the residual pressure safety device. The entire technology is contained in the handle. To clean, simply unclip it and run it under the tap. The Cromargan® pots have an inside scale and a TransTherm universal base.
    Available in 5 sizes and as a 2-part stackable set.

    Starting at: €119.99

  • WMF Perfect

    WMF Perfect

    The Perfect has been part of the WMF range for a number of years. The design is a timeless classic combined with state of the art technology. As with all other pressure cookers, the Perfect is made of tough Cromargan®. To clean, simply unclip the handle and run it under the tap. You can use the inside scale to measure filling volumes. The TransTherm universal base is suitable for all hob types, including induction hobs.
    Available in 5 sizes and as a 2-part set.

    Starting at: €59.99

  • Sicomatic® t-plus

    Sicomatic® t-plus

    Sicomatic® t-plus – quick, healthy cooking with precision
    Classics can outdo themselves: The Sicomatic® t-plus presents itself as a modern variation of an unbeatably popular culinary artist while maximising cooking convenience and unique taste. Choose between three preset cooking levels: The gentle level for delicate foods, the fast level for everything that requires long cooking times, such as meat, soups or stews, and the steaming level. If you turn the dial to "0", the contents are cooked without pressure, just like in a conventional pan, but in a particularly energy-efficient way.

    Starting at: €99.99