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Customer experiences of the future

Customer experiences of the future

Geislingen/Steige - Digitalisation is not a trend, but a far-reaching social evolution. Against this backdrop, the WMF Group presented its new technology concept “Future in a Box” at the spring 2016 trade shows. It provides gastronomes, hoteliers and coffee-machine operators with all the necessary standard tools for the digital customer experiences of the future. One of the focal points revolved around the turnkey concepts for contactless and cashless payment systems, as well as telemetry, connectivity and apps. Another highlight saw the premium suppler provide detailed insights into the development of innovative touch-payment systems via near field communication and biometry.

The age of networked things, services and people has finally begun. Market experts and institutes estimate that in 2020 over 38 billion electronic devices will communicate with one another – this also includes the human-machine communication of coffee machines. “As a technology leader in the world of professional coffee machines, the WMF Group is demonstrating how customer experiences of mobile interaction can be taken to a completely new level with its “Future in a Box” technology concept. However, digitalisation is not only aimed at the customer or guest, but is also concerned with the interface between operator/gastronome/hotelier and machine. Within this context, we are especially focusing our attention on efficient telemetry solutions, which optimise and accelerate many processes involved in machine maintenance and service, as well as sales and the purchasing and use of goods,” explains Florian Lehmann, President of the global coffee machine company WMF Group.

The digital purse
One thing is certain – the purse of the future is cashless and mobile. By 2017, it is expected that over 400,000,000 people will be using mobile payment systems across the globe, generating a turnover of 720,000,000,000 US dollars in the process. The market leader in commercial coffee machines has presented various solutions concepts which should enable WMF customers to benefit directly from this market. These include the seamless integration of online payment systems such as PayPal, the use of credit cards, customer cards or club cards, as well as smartphones via near field communication and touch payments using biometry. The result: by integrating new communication and interaction methods via GPRS and Bluetooth, it is not only till point waiting times that are reduced by 80 per cent. This concept also opens up completely new possibilities for “digital” sales approaches and customer retention.

Personalisation at the touch of a button
Another way of retaining customers with attractive, mobile services is to completely personalise the coffee experience. As a result of this idea, WMF presented the new business app “WMF MyCoffee” at the spring trade shows. This app enables users to create their own individual coffee recipes, share them and enjoy them on the New-Generation-Platform machines (WMF 8000S, WMF 5000S, WMF 1500S). It is intuitive and efficient to use: first of all, the customer selects their favourite speciality from generic recipe templates – whether that be an espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or café crème. Next, they adjust the quantities of coffee, milk and foam in the template according to their preferences and save these as a personalised favourite drink. The stored data can then be transmitted to a machine previously registered on the app. The guest then only needs to confirm their drink of choice on the machine display and the drink is produced as they wish.

Success with data
Last but not least, trade show visitors experienced how both the speed as well as the stability and quality of the service and sales processes involved in the WMF automatic coffee machines can be maximised with efficient telemetry methods. The goal: a central service and analysis platform which makes operating the WMF coffee machines even more efficient and improves turnover. The basis of this is the two-way communication enabled by WMF Remote Data Access. On the one hand, this makes it possible to collect a wide range of machine data (such as proactive service tasks or fault notifications) across different locations and to analyse this data in terms of optimum processes in inventory management and service planning. Performance data is also analysed from day-to-day operation. What are customers' favourite drinks, at what time, at what price and in which location? These kind of questions can be answered at the touch of a button. On the other hand, WMF Remote Data Access enables a high level of flexibility in terms of the products offered: the operator records individual special products via the web server together with supplementary image material on the displays on their automatic coffee machines – from anywhere and at any time.

Photo request
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