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All of the coffee your heart desires

All of the coffee your heart desires
Geislingen/Steige - At this year's host in Milan – the international trade fair hotspot of the hotel, restaurant and catering sector – the Geislingen-based premium manufacturer WMF will present its innovative coffee expertise. The WMF 5000 S fully automatic coffee machine, the WMF Dynamic Milk system and the WMF espresso portafilter concept will be taking centre stage.

Coffee to go, go, go! 
The new WMF 5000 S will be one of the absolute highlights of the trade fair, a speciality machine that delivers up to 250 cups per hour, even in very small spaces. With three large combinable, lockable product containers with capacities ranging from 550 to 1,200 grams for coffee beans, toppings and chocolate, the fully automatic machine satisfies every customer's desires. For ease of use, both of the high-performance grinders have been decoupled from the housing, which means that the grinding process takes place quietly and, above all, quickly. In addition, an eight-inch man-machine interface (MMI) touch display intuitively guides the user through all of the functions of the WMF 5000 S. These include flexible recipe generation and definition of time-controlled operating profiles, such as automatically changing from fresh milk to toppings or varying the range of drinks. Different key layouts allow for individual customisation of the user interface according to the area of application – from colours and backgrounds, to the quantity and arrangement of the keys, to pictures of drinks. What's more, the WMF 5000 S offers an entire range of intelligent self-service highlights, which can be effortlessly configured using the touch display. This also includes the option of menu-based retrieval of drinks options using "PostSelection". The machine guides the guest through the preparation options step by step, before preparing the desired drink, fully automatically. In order to shorten the wait and to draw attention to attractive additional offers, the preparation time can be used to show advertisements on the display.

Luxurious froth thanks to the WMF Dynamic Milk
There is also something for the milk artists among the HoReCa professionals with the new WMF 5000 S. Alongside the "Easy Milk" option for the preparation of hot milk froth as well as hot and cold milk, the fully automatic machine can also be equipped with the new "Dynamic Milk" system. The pump system, which conforms to HACCP, caters to every taste with four different consistencies for hot creations (liquid, creamy, firm and airy) and three options for milk-based speciality coffees (liquid, creamy, firm) with cold froth. Depending on the desired temperature, firmness and porosity, the beverage is made up of between 60 to 90 per cent froth. Steam heating, in keeping with the traditional barista method, ensures that the intense milk flavour is fully preserved in every consistency of froth. The cleaning process of the WMF Dynamic Milk will also impress users from start to finish. The new "Clean in Place" method guarantees time-saving, HACCP-compliant cleaning, during which the milk frother remains in the unit and no longer needs to be removed. The new milk system is also available for the "little brother" of the WMF 5000 S, the fully automatic WMF 1500 S, which has a capacity of up to 180 cups.

Everyone can be a barista: perfect espresso, automatically crafted
Anyone who seeks to combine the perfect results and operating speed of a WMF fully automatic machine with the emotional aspects of traditional coffee culture will find the ideal coffee concept in the fully automatic "WMF espresso" portafilter. Pioneering a new machine era, it represents a revolutionary type of coffee-making. Every user succeeds in creating barista-quality espresso and café crème at the first go. The secret: all of the usually manual steps are carried out fully automatically with the WMF espresso. Service staff continue to work in the traditional way front of house, where it is important to have the hiss and steam. In this way, the whole preparation process of the coffee is characterised by high process stability and speed. Lengthy and costly training courses are things of the past. The user inserts the portafilter into the machine and selects the desired drink – that's it. Frothing milk at the same time is also child's play with the new WMF espresso.
 Along with a traditional manual steam wand, the machine also has an "auto steam" function, which automatically produces hot milk and milk froth in up to three different consistencies. 

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For more than 160 years, the brands that make up the WMF Group have represented the best in cooking, drinking and dining. Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world use WMF, Silit and Kaiser products to prepare food, cook, bake, eat and drink in the comfort of their own home. And when they are not doing that, they are enjoying coffee specialities and foods prepared by the hotel and catering industry using products from WMF, Schaerer or Hepp. Our employees are passionate about bringing people together, whether at home, on the move or at high-end restaurants, in order to give them shared moments that are both precious and delicious. This is all possible thanks to our products, whose exceptional design, perfect functionality and highest quality provide wonderful culinary experiences. Our company has a proud tradition, and was founded in Geislingen an der Steige in Germany back in 1853. Almost 6,000 employees provide culinary joy at more than 40 locations worldwide. The WMF Group achieved sales of EUR 1,024.3 million in 2014.

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