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Cutlery now gets a splash of colour: Hepp offers PVD coatings for all models

Cutlery now gets a splash of colour: Hepp offers PVD  coatings for all models
BirkenfeldStylish gastronomy increasingly features a flash of colour alongside classic white, however this is usually restricted to porcelain or decoration. Hepp now pushes this trend even further and presents its classic cutlery models in a new coloured guise. The two gold tones, copper bronze, or anthracite give all areas of gastronomy a special flair. At festive banquets or themed dinners, such as the World Cup in Brazil, these coloured black, red and gold highlights are the icing on the cake. Yet the PVD-coated cutlery from Hepp fits stunningly into high-class, fine dining establishments, with their exacting standards for style and extravagance. Of course, feel and functionality in the cutlery pieces meet the high Hepp standards.

With these PVD-coated pieces, Hepp is enhancing both table and service, just as the jewellery industry constantly does with rings, necklaces and watches. The very fine yet exceedingly hard coating does not change the haptic characteristics of the cutlery in the slightest and is dishwasher safe. Hepp offers the PVD-coating on all cutlery models with solid-handled knives according to the clients’ wishes.

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About Hepp
HEPP – a brand of proHeq GmbH – is based in Birkenfeld, near Pforzheim, Germany, and internationally it ranks among the leading suppliers of tableware. The company uses highly specialised production techniques to manufacture the world's most diversified range of tableware and serving ware – from cutlery through coffee pots and accompaniments to chafing dishes and food distribution systems. Materials and workmanship are among the highlights, but Hepp products also meet ultra-high requirements in terms of design, quality and practicality. Those were the principles on which brothers Carl and Otto Hepp originally founded their company back in 1863, so they are justly acclaimed as the inventors of hotel silverware. Traditional values such as reliability and quality still apply and together with innovative drive, the development of new techniques and products and flexible manufacturing, they remain the foundation for the company's success today. Worldwide, Hepp is a supplier of choice to premium hotels, hotel chains and restaurants, and also to quality-conscious catering firms, international cruise lines, airlines and rail companies. 

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