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Lustrous effects for a high-class table ambience

Lustrous effects for a high-class table ambience
BirkenfeldThese days there are more ways and means of surface-finishing cutlery than ever before. There are the classic silver-plated finishes and individual patterning, and ranging alongside them more and more extravagant variants, such as the physical vapour deposition coatings (PVD) in different colours that are becoming increasingly popular among restauranteurs, caterers and hoteliers. WMF Hotel is meeting this sustained desire for out-of-the-ordinary flatware with a new, more delicate form of finishing: glass-bead-blasted cutlery has a silky matt character combined with a totally homogeneous surface that adds a hand-charming quality to every course of any meal. Devotees of decorative tablesetting arrangements in particular will appreciate that certain something the soft effect adds to the well-set tablescape. Every cutlery collection from WMF Hotel can be re-interpreted with this process, because the magic also works on stainless-steel hollowware such as sugar bowls, flower vases or trays and bread dishes, which can all be finished by glass-bead blasting to add even more attractiveness to a catering ambience.

Microscopically small glass beads are blasted at high pressure against an item of cutlery. The end effect is a silky-matt lustre and a uniform appearance. Enhanced robustness is a positive side-effect: cutlery finished in this way is less susceptible than the polished counterparts to dirtying, and is also extremely resistant. The tiny glass beads clean and compact the surface of the stainless steel, increasing the material's resistance to stress corrosion cracking. The cutlery is easily cleaned in a dishwasher, but should not be machine-polished. 

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