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New automatic coffee machine WMF 1500 S+ matches every cup to your taste

New automatic coffee machine WMF 1500 S+ matches every cup to your taste

The new “Dynamic Coffee Assist” ensures guaranteed top quality of all espresso-based coffee specialities. The integrated Milk Excellence sensor raises milk management by the WMF 1500 S+ to a new quality level, while convenience is further enhanced by an automatically height adjustable spout and a new Choc mixer. The large 10-inch touch display has options for displaying handling videos, nutritional information or promotional offers. A range of templates ensures that the machine adapts individually to personal requirements. The highlight is the inclusion of “WMF CoffeeConnect” as standard – your route to coffee business 4.0.

10-inch touch display
Not just functional, but designed in perfect harmony with the working day: the 10-inch touch display of the WMF 1500 S+ has a clear structure, intuitive navigation using touch and swipe gestures, and enables rapid access to the main menu. It has a range of possible colour schemes to customise the appearance, rounded off by the ability to import your own beverage images and videos. Preset special functions can also be selected quickly from the toolbar in the display. This is easy for the user to configure, offering a number of additional intelligent customisation options including the new touch slider, which can be used to determine the cup volume of each beverage.

Innovations provide a helping hand
The revolutionary innovation “Dynamic Coffee Assist” provides a quality promise for all espresso-based coffee specialities. The principle: the extraction time is continuously measured by measuring the ground coffee quantity and the brew time of the purchased beverages and constantly optimised as necessary by the fully automatic grinding level adjustment. This ensures a consistent coffee quality. But even milk beverages present specific challenges. Milk management in catering involves more than just diligent, perfect hygiene: protecting the milk system is at least as important. The new Milk Excellence sensor from WMF plays a crucial role here; like the “empty” sensor in the cooler, it protects the mixer of the Dynamic Milk system. It measures the flow and the temperature of the milk without contact by means of ultrasound technology. Malfunctions due to air bubbles are also detected accurately. If deviating results occur, the system automatically adjusts the settings. The patented Choc mixer is another highlight of the WMF 1500 S+, impressing with its easy handling, cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to the magnetic lock, correct insertion of the mixing cup is guaranteed. An integrated sensor also monitors the perfect fit of the mixer wheel.

Visual appeal reinforces the taste
For a completely harmonious overall impression, the three bean/powder containers on the WMF 1500 S+ have a uniform appearance. In addition to attractive design aspects, the new speciality machine offers the greatest possible choice of coffee types: machines equipped with two grinders and powder containers also provide the option of using the manual insert for the use of
ground coffee.

WMF CoffeeConnect: real-time overview of status and consumption
One of the highlights of the WMF 1500 S+ is that the coffee machine is IoT-compatible as standard, and hence has uncomplicated access to the digital solution, WMF CoffeeConnect. As an integrated database for all product and process data, WMF CoffeeConnect lays the foundation for sustainable business models. Sales figures and sales volumes, as well as service information and error messages, can be viewed on a computer or mobile device at any time and from any location. Promotional offers can be sent from a central location directly to the display of a selected machine, for example, to increase sales in a targeted manner. This significantly optimises processes related to the management and operation of the coffee machines. Important basic applications are directly available as a Freemium package, with additional applications available as Premium packages. Business analysts at WMF additionally provide support for custom analyses and solutions, and advice relating to process improvements and maximising your coffee business.

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