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Sequence from Hepp: Award-winning Tabletop Design

Sequence from Hepp: Award-winning Tabletop Design
BirkenfeldFood must invariably be a feast for the eyes as well – design culture has always been part of the gastronomy and hotel & catering inweave. For decades, award-winning collections from premium manufacturer Hepp have set design standards for tableware. This year, organisers "Rat für Formgebung" have acclaimed the latest creation from the tradition-rich brand: "Sequence", the buffet collection by German designer Ms Thalia Schuster, took the German Design Award in the "Excellent Product Design – Tabletop" category. Panel members Prof. Oliver Grabes and Sebastian Herkner voiced the reasons for the jury's decision: "The new buffet concept Sequence delights the eye with unusual geometric styling. The characteristic design feature is the single diagonal division that affords a lightness to the piece. The range of perfectly matched modules is extensive and they come in a choice of heights, proportions and material combinations (for example wood, porcelain, stainless steel and textile) so the possibilities this system offers are boundless. An innovative, aesthetically sophisticated concept for the buffet sector, and one that inspires."


The German Design Award is the international premium prize bestowed annually by the Rat für Formgebung. Its objective: To discover, present and commend unique design trends. So each year prizes are awarded for high-quality product and communication design submissions, all ground-breaking in their own way in the international design landscape.

Sequence – The Art of Service
In terms of combining design, diversity and dependable return on investment to perfection, Sequence, the new buffet concept from Hepp, is a masterpiece. As an attractive alternative to classic GastroNorm (GN) systems, the collection with its asymmetric trapezoidal shape and 40-some pieces appeals with all the power of heightened individuality and all the convenience of easy handling for day-to-day use. There are no bounds for creative tabletop and buffet settings – multi-part arrangements, single stagings, or combinations with other Hepp buffet solutions. The delight of the artistic interplay of trays, dishes and inserts is further intensified by material combinations of wood, porcelain, stainless steel, Corian and fabric. Platforms and stainless-steel frames in a range of heights extract full use from the footprint and help with easy removal of the cold food. Last but not least, various GN 1/1-compliant trays, dishes and inserts are style-perfect complementaries to the new collection's innovative forming.

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About Hepp
HEPP – a brand of proHeq GmbH – is based in Birkenfeld, near Pforzheim, Germany, and internationally it ranks among the leading suppliers of tableware. The company uses highly specialised production techniques to manufacture the world's most diversified range of tableware and serving ware – from cutlery through coffee pots and accompaniments to chafing dishes and food distribution systems. Materials and workmanship are among the highlights, but Hepp products also meet ultra-high requirements in terms of design, quality and practicality. Those were the principles on which brothers Carl and Otto Hepp originally founded their company back in 1863, so they are justly acclaimed as the inventors of hotel silverware. Traditional values such as reliability and quality still apply and together with innovative drive, the development of new techniques and products and flexible manufacturing, they remain the foundation for the company's success today. Worldwide, Hepp is a supplier of choice to premium hotels, hotel chains and restaurants, and also to quality-conscious catering firms, international cruise lines, airlines and rail companies. 

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