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Silit cookware Modesto Line and pans Belluna

Silit cookware Modesto Line and pans Belluna

Modesto Line cookware series and Belluna pans

The perfect umami taste with Silit

Sweet, sour, salty and bitter: most of us can taste the difference. But not everyone knows there’s another taste that can tickle our taste buds: umami. A Japanese word meaning “savouriness”, umami appears in foods such anchovies, mushrooms and Parmesan thanks to their glutamic acid content. Umami wasn’t actually discovered until the beginning of the 20th century, but today, it would be impossible to imagine our food without it. So how about making umami the theme of your next dinner party? Jaws will drop in amazement as you immerse your guests in the world of the “fifth taste”. And thanks to the new Modesto Line cookware series and Belluna pans from Silit, your dishes will be gently cooked and low in fat, too.

Design and functionality under one lid Made of Silargan®, the Modesto Line cookware series is a clear, harmonious blend of design and functionality. The high-quality ergonomic handles keep cool even during cooking for extra safety. The pots save power, too, thanks to their extra-strong, energy-saving base and heat-resistant glass lid, which even lets you see what’s going on inside. Why not try a gently cooked starter like chicken soup, served with dried porcini mushrooms? The mushrooms serve as a seasoning, giving the soup a fresh dimension without overwhelming its flavour.

Add a splash of colour to the kitchen routine With a distinctive structural effect and colours of brushed blue, green and rosé, the Silit Belluna pans are a hit with chefs and guests alike. The aluminium induction base ensures even heat distribution across the pan so that food is fried faster and more evenly. The pan’s Silitan seal has impressive non-stick properties – perfect for frying onions and tomatoes with less fat to use in light sauces, or for gently preparing mouth-watering fish fillets. The high-quality plastic handle with flame retardant coating brings extra safety into the kitchen, while the wide pouring edge is ideal for drip-free pouring. Dish up a dessert of mint chocolate mousse with chilli flakes, and the perfect umami dinner is complete!

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