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The Art of Service

The Art of Service
BirkenfeldWhere design, variety, and secure investment are the order of the day, the new “Sequence” buffet solution from HEPP is a true tour de force. An alternative to the classic GN-gastro systems, the asymmetric trapezoid lines of this around 40-piece strong collection offer individuality and easy everyday use. These items freely express creative table and service design, whether used individually, as a set, or when combined with other HEPP buffet solutions. The artistic interplay of bowls, dishes, and other elements is taken to a new level with the choice of wood, porcelain, stainless steel, Corian, and fabric. Cold foods, too, are easily served and have plenty of space on the stands and stainless steel frames, which are available in various heights. Last but not least, the innovative fundamental design of the new collection is rounded off stylishly with GN1/1 compliant bowls, frames, and dishes.

Whether 20 guests, or 120 – buffets must always be expandable and tailored to the expectations of the guests. That is why gastronomers and hoteliers often look to proven GN collections, as these hit the mark when it comes to form, function, and efficiency. The downside to this is that they all too often lack in creativity uniqueness. The new Sequence collection from HEPP draws a clear line between it and the competition, breathing new life into the buffet table. Depending on the theme, menu, and ambience, the trapezoid lines and GN1/1 elements easily allow you to create your own style. Whether it’s porcelain bowls, extravagant Corian dishes, or striking wooden pieces – the combinations are endless thanks to different sizes, depths, and heights. In spite of everything, these items are beautifully matched to ensure ease of setting.

A perfectly clever buffet system
Depending on the design, the square Sequence collection stands might also be called for. Finished in either oak wood or Corian, these represent a visual highlight over two levels and allow the guest a perfect overview of the food you have to offer. This manner of presentation also proves advantageous when serving, since it is easier and quicker to identify dishes and bowls that need to be topped up. The various stainless steel frames, too, offer creative freedom and are available in 40mm, 70mm, and 100mm variants. Additional highlights include the stunning bread baskets, complete with material inlay, which are ideal for individual table service or an elegant bakery display at the buffet. Moreover, the purposefully matching ice buckets guarantee optimal cooling using Crushed ice.

Intelligent combinations with proven buffet classics
Designed as a standalone buffet solution, Sequence fulfils every customer requirement, and the individual pieces can easily be combined with items from current HEPP collections. By combining with the Chafing Dishes from the Induction Plus series, warm or mixed buffets can be whipped up in the blink of an eye.

Alongside this inexhaustible flexibility of buffet design, the Sequence collection is also effortless to use. All surfaces (with the exception of wood) are dishwasher safe, which makes the daily routine more efficient. 

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To download photos visit our media portal and search for "Hepp-Sequence". And of course we will be delighted to email you the files on request. Contact: [email protected].

About Hepp
HEPP – a brand of proHeq GmbH – is based in Birkenfeld, near Pforzheim, Germany, and internationally it ranks among the leading suppliers of tableware. The company uses highly specialised production techniques to manufacture the world's most diversified range of tableware and serving ware – from cutlery through coffee pots and accompaniments to chafing dishes and food distribution systems. Materials and workmanship are among the highlights, but Hepp products also meet ultra-high requirements in terms of design, quality and practicality. Those were the principles on which brothers Carl and Otto Hepp originally founded their company back in 1863, so they are justly acclaimed as the inventors of hotel silverware. Traditional values such as reliability and quality still apply and together with innovative drive, the development of new techniques and products and flexible manufacturing, they remain the foundation for the company's success today. Worldwide, Hepp is a supplier of choice to premium hotels, hotel chains and restaurants, and also to quality-conscious catering firms, international cruise lines, airlines and rail companies. 

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