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WMF 9000 F: a large-quantity brewer in a class of its own

WMF 9000 F: a large-quantity brewer in a class of its own

The new WMF 9000 F automatic filter coffee machine ensures moments of real indulgence in the mass catering sector. Designed to create excellent-quality coffee in large volumes, the new model has a truly impressive output of up to 100 litres per hour. Tea enthusiasts will also get their money's worth with an individually adjustable hot water output. The operator can enjoy exceptional flexibility through the use of several coffee types, the setting of individual brewing batches, and the selection of different brewing methods via the quantity or can brewing arms.

100 litres of excellent coffee
From hospital to retirement home, canteen to cruise ship – at peak times, an automatic coffee machine needs stamina. This is where the new automatic filter coffee machine WMF 9000 F plays to its strengths. When preparing coffee, the user can be flexible in choosing the can or quantity brewing arm; with the latter, they can set individual brewing batches of 1 to 5 litres. With a maximum brewing volume of up to 40 litres and an after-brewing volume of up to 100 litres, use of the quantity brewing arm is particularly suitable for establishments with a high coffee output. During preparation via the can brewing arm, the coffee flowing out of the brewer is filled directly into a positioned cans of up to 2.8 litres capacity.

The perfect option for every taste
Individual tastes vary, even with filter coffee. The ground coffee portioner therefore offers the opportunity to use two different coffee types – such as decaffeinated and regular ground coffee. If the user only uses one type, however, the fully automatic machine offers twice the capacity, especially at peak times. And tea enthusiasts can also have their own personal moment of indulgence: positioned directly underneath the front panel, the automatic machine offers an individually adjustable hot water output, even for small volumes.

A menu that is child’s play
With a structure that is self-explanatory for every user, the 10-inch multimedia touch display is perfect for individual use. The user can find their way around the menu easily without needing extra help, and operation is straightforward thanks to the large buttons. A toolbar provides rapid access to a number of preset customisation options, putting an end to lengthy searching.

Ingenious details
Intelligent design doesn’t only make a difference in terms of appearance; it can also tip the balance when it comes to daily use. The large capacity of the brewing chamber – up to 200 grams – does more than simply ensure top performance. A modified design also guarantees convenient access to all service parts. And disposal of the grounds is no trouble. The coffee grounds are disposed of discretely following the principle of wet disposal, in a manner which can vary depending on the place of use, with the option of a grounds separator provided under the counter or directly into the drain. When it comes to machine care, a cleaning granulate dosing unit makes the entire cleaning process easier, as this can now be carried out with virtually no manual intervention. For even more convenience: when cleaning the controls, the touch display of the quantity brewer can be briefly switched off and locked.

WMF CoffeeConnect: real-time overview of status and consumption
One of the highlights of the WMF 9000 F is that the coffee machine is IoT-compatible as standard, and hence has uncomplicated access to the digital solution, WMF CoffeeConnect. As an integrated database for all product and process data, WMF CoffeeConnect lays the foundation for sustainable business models. Sales figures and sales volumes, as well as service information and error messages, can be viewed on a computer or mobile device at any time and from any location. Promotional offers can be sent from a central location directly to the display of a selected machine, for example, to increase sales in a targeted manner. This significantly optimises processes related to the management and operation of the coffee machines. Important basic applications are directly available as a Freemium package, with additional applications available as Premium packages. Business analysts at WMF additionally provide support for custom analyses and solutions, and advice relating to process improvements and maximising your coffee business.

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