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WMF cook ware Compact Cuisine

WMF cook ware Compact Cuisine

Save space

The WMF way with Compact Cuisine cookware

You’ve sent out the invitations, decided on the menu, and now it’s time to get cooking! For a carefully planned meal for friends with several courses, you’ll need a few helping hands – be it stock pots, mixing bowls or frying pans. But where’s the best place to store them all? After all, kitchen space is often limited, and more so in flats in the centre of town. Clever cooking with Compact Cuisine cookware The WMF brand has the solution with its Compact Cuisine cookware range, which certainly lives up to its name.

Meat pots and stewing pans with the same diameter can be stacked inside one another, making them excellent space-savers. Alongside cookware, the range includes inserts for steaming crunchy vegetables, water-bath attachments, and mixing and salad bowls in various sizes. These can also be stacked in the saucepans to save space – incredibly convenient, particularly in small kitchens. The hollow pot handles don’t get hot, even after longer periods on the stove, and the TransTherm® universal base makes the saucepans suitable for use with all hob types, including induction. The products’ rapid heating properties and optimum heat storage help you to cook in an energy-efficient way. Furthermore, glass lids allow you to peek inside and see exactly what’s going on in the pan. The cookware is manufactured in Germany and is made of polished Cromargan®. Practical storage tips for domestic kitchens Snipping, sizzling, steaming and baking with family and friends – cooking together as a group is as popular as ever. However, there often isn’t enough space for large kitchen gatherings – especially for people living in cities. That’s why clever ways of storing, hanging and stacking are always in demand to make the best use of the space available. In addition to the stackable Compact Cuisine series, magnetic strips are an ideal space-saver, allowing kitchen appliances, fresh herbs and dried spices in stylish metal tins to be quickly fixed to the wall. This isn’t just a great storage solution; it’s a unique design feature, too. Another suggestion is to utilize the space behind the kitchen door for hanging shelves. These tips have the power to turn your kitchen into a space-saving sensation and make the most out of the room available.

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