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WMF household knives Cuisine One

WMF household knives Cuisine One

Quality in impressive form – WMF Cuisine One

Preparation by hand – the easy way

Cutting, snipping, chopping and slicing – sharp knives are a must in every kitchen. With extra-sharp, special-steel blades and ergonomic handles in high-quality plastic, the new knives in the WMF Cuisine Plus series are a genuine cutting pleasure – made in Germany. The manufacturing process – a combination of traditional forging methods and WMF’s Performance Cut precision technology – gives the knives the optimum cutting edge. Not only are they extra sharp, but they stay sharp for longer. Whether you’re chopping meat, vegetables, nuts or fruit, this makes it easier to get food onto your plates or into the pan. Levantine cuisine: shakshuka, baba ganoush and Co.

When family and friends come together, food needs a lot of planning. Whether vegetarian, flexitarian or vegan, each guest should have an enjoyable and memorable experience. That’s why preparation is so essential – and is best achieved with extra-sharp knives that bring herbs, vegetables and meat into shape. A handy tip for large groups is to create a colourful and delicious buffet where everyone can choose their favourite dishes. And if you want to surprise your guests, you’ll certainly cause a buzz with the exciting flavours of the Middle East – for example, Levantine cuisine. Here, mint, parsley or cilantro are used in small salads, tasty pastes or marinated meat, where they are combined with ingredients like cumin, fennel seeds and lemon for a powerful explosion of flavour! Similar to the principle of Spanish tapas, most Levantine cuisine is eaten in small dishes called meze. These include falafel and hummus, but also lesser known treats like kibbeh bulgar balls or balila – chickpeas cooked in lemon juice. WMF Cuisine One knife series These knives have a sleek and modern look. The black plastic handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable and safe handling. The forged bolster gives the knife balance and prevents your fingers from slipping onto the blade. The Cuisine One series consists of seven types of knives including all-purpose knives, bread knives, carving knives and Santoku knives – perfect for fulfilling any challenge in the kitchen. Also available is a three-piece set and a knife block with 6 knives included. About Performance Cut The WMF brand has been producing kitchen knives in Hayingen, a small town in Germany’s Swabian Alb, since 1977. During production, traditional forging methods, where the special-steel blades are processed across their entire length with a forging hammer, are combined with state-of-the-art Performance Cut precision technology. After forging, the blades undergo heat treatment in a special furnace, which changes the structure of the blade steel. The steel becomes harder and can be ground to a sharper angle than was previously possible. During the sharpening process, a robot measures every single blade to determine the optimum cutting angle. A laser then sharpens each knife to the highest precision. The entire process involves around 30 steps – from the inspection of the raw materials to production, packaging and shipping. This produces knives that are not only sharp, but remain sharp for longer. They more than twice exceed the requirements of the German DIN standard. Quality – made in Germany.

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