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WMF Pan Steak Profi

WMF Pan Steak Profi

Let it sizzle, steam, cook

WMF presents the perfect pan for the perfect steak: the WMF Steak Profi

The sizzling sound and wonderful aroma of a succulent steak sets the hearts of many meat lovers racing. So it’s good to have a reliable partner that not only fries meat quickly and evenly on the hob, but also does a great job of cooking it further in the oven. The newest member of the WMF frying pan family does just that – all with lightning-fast temperature regulation, a light multi-layer material for even heat distribution, and a convenient handle made of high-quality Cromargan®. With the Steak Profi, the WMF brand has added to its expertise in preparing and enjoying meat.

Foodies around the world have long shown a conscientious and sustainable approach regarding the consumption of food and drink. And when it comes to meat, they often follow the principle of “less is more”. This “less” should, of course, be the highest quality possible. Animal welfare, documented origin and fair pay for producers are becoming increasingly important when deciding which products to buy. There is also a strong focus on the use of appropriate tools when preparing meals; after all, the pleasure should derive from both the making and the eating. An innovative mix of materials, Made in Germany With its Steak Profi, the WMF brand has developed a pan that meets the various demands of meat-lovers when preparing crispy and succulent steaks. Not only does the pan heat up fast, but it is also sensitive to changes on the hob: thanks to WMF RAPID HEAT CONTROL, it reacts with lightning speed to temperature adjustments. Made in Germany, the pan is manufactured with a light, three-layered material. It lies flat on the hob, which is ideal for distributing heat consistently across the pan and ensures that food is evenly cooked. The result? Meat cuts like rump steak form a uniform crust in the pan and develop wonderful roasted flavours and aromas. The special, ecologically sound and patented Duraquarz® all-around sealing ensures that food does not burn or stick. The WMF Steak Profi can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C and has an ergonomically designed handle made of Cromargan®. This means the pan can be used for cooking or browning the meat in the oven after frying. The WMF Steak Profi has a five-year guarantee.

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