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Your next step: WMF 1500 S takes over

Your next step: WMF 1500 S takes over
Geislingen/Steige - When a profound knowledge of coffee is combined with innovative technology and design expertise, it results in a unique product such as the fully automatic WMF 1500 S. In a logical advance following the WMF presto - one of the most successful machines from the world market leader – the new speciality machine raises all the positive features of its predecessor to a higher level of coffee and milk perfection. For one thing, the Windows CE-based man-machine-interface (MMI) touch display makes operation, care and maintenance fully intuitive. For another, the user interface helps in the creation of a wide range of different coffee and milk delicacies. Combined with a number of milk systems which offer cold and hot milk or hot milk froth, and with a storage capacity for up to 48 individual drinks, there are no limits on creativity. This amazing user experience is enhanced still further by the ideal dimensions of 32.5 x 68 x 59 cm (width/height/depth) and the exclusive design of the machine and its attractive lighting.

Equipped with two generously sized coffee bean holders (now 650g each), a hand applicator and a chocolate powder or topping container, the WMF 1500 S enables all conceivable drinks to be created from coffee, water, milk and chocolate. To design the required range of products for the type of operation concerned, the customer uses the MMI display's application profiles. With the help of the templates the customer is able to decide which products are to be produced and when. For example, it allows automatic changeover from fresh milk to toppings, reassignment of the buttons to self-service operation, or the range of drinks to be varied depending on the time and day. The different milk and steam systems "Basic Milk", "Easy Milk" and "Basic Steam", by which the preparation of the milk can be individually varied – whether hot or cold milk or hot milk froth, are essential for the preferred diversity. The capacity of the WMF 1500 S is up to 180 cups per day.

To ensure that the delicious coffee specialities can be served in top quality at all times, the WMF 1500 S offers the new SteamJet. This function enables cups and glasses to be brought back to the perfect temperature by a short jet of steam. In addition, there is the tried and tested "barista" button by which the strength of the coffee can be set to the guest's preference with a single press of a button.

Perfectly equipped for anywhere
As is the case with any speciality machine from the WMF family, the customer can choose among different accessories for the WMF 1500 S. These include a cup rack, milk cooler and a cup dispenser. Depending on the situation and the customer's requirements, the machine can also be fitted with a permanent water connection or an integrated water tank. Naturally the new fully automatic coffee machine can be obtained with the Plug & Clean cleaning system: just connect the milk hose to the adapter, press the cleaning button and all the parts which come into contact with milk will be cleaned. It is only necessary to soak them in cleaning solution once a week.

A further plus in terms of service and convenience is the panel lighting supplied as standard. It not only lends a special atmosphere to any space, but is also the visual signal indicating different operating states – an empty coffee bean holder for instance. For extra convenience there is a remote diagnosis option by remote data access (RDA). 

Photo request
You can see images on our media portal at (search for „WMF 1500S“). We will also be pleased to send you this file by e-mail on request. Contact: [email protected].

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