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Do you want to have a faulty product repaired?

    If you want to send in a faulty WMF product for repair then please follow the instructions below:

    1. Write a short note to us with a return address (handwritten is OK) specifying the item – with the item number, if available – and the defect. Please ensure that the note and most importantly your address are both legible.

    2. Package the product appropriately and attach the proof of purchase (if it is still available).

    3. Send the parcel to one of the following addresses:

    All products without a mains plug: (cookware, cutlery, knives, kitchen gadgets, dining accessories, etc.)

    WMF Group GmbH
    Service Consumer Goods
    Eberhardstraße 35
    73309 Geislingen / Steige

    All products with a mains plug: (filter coffee machines, kettles, toasters, mixers, electric appliances)

    WMF Consumer Electric GmbH
    Standort Trepesch
    Steinstrasse 19
    90419 Nuremberg