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    As a registered customer of myWMF, you will be kept up to date regularly with new WMF products and innovations for cooking and gourmet moments.

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    + You'll be the first to hear about innovative new WMF products
    +  Free delivery on your WMF online shop orders
    + You'll benefit from regular vouchers
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     Anyone who newly registers receives a 25 euro voucher* for their next order as a welcome gift.

    myWMF Gourmet

    All customers who are registered with myWMF and receive the newsletter have Gourmet status**.

    myWMF Grand Gourmet

    Grand Gourmet status is awarded to myWMF members who have spent over 100 euros in the last 12 months.***

    myWMF Grand Gourmet customers also receive 5% off all orders in the WMF online shop.

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    *Voucher is valid with a minimum purchase value of 100 euro.
    **As soon as you unsubscribe from our newsletter, you lose your status and all associated benefits.
    ***The figure is calculated from your purchases in the online shop less returns. If the annual figure is not reached, you automatically return to Gourmet status.