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Crafted for life.

*Condensation lid only for Fusiontec Aromatic.


Ambitious experts from research, product development and production in Riedlingen in southern Germany worked tirelessly to develop a new material that combines the most important advantages of all known materials used in cookware. This is how, with a great deal of passion for the craft, the expertise gained from decades of experience and a pioneering spirit for innovation, a completely new process was developed in which more than 20 natural raw materials such as quartz and feldspar are fused with a special iron-steel core to create Fusiontec – the outstanding cookware from WMF. Quality made in Germany.

The best cooking properties. United in Fusiontec..
The best cooking properties.
United in Fusiontec.
To make sure that you enjoy your Fusiontec cookware from WMF for a lifetime – both in terms of appearance and functionality – it combines the properties of the highest quality materials.
The result is rapid heating, excellent heat distribution and storage for energy-saving cooking, and flawless frying and cooking results. The extremely hard surface has a robust finish and is scratch and abrasion resistant, with exceptionally stylish aesthetics and a beauty that will last for many years.

* The 30-year warranty is guaranteed for the inner and outer Fusiontec material of the product. The warranty only applies for proper conditions of use.
WMF Fusiontec Aromatic
Condensation lid for tender, full-flavored results.
WMF Fusiontec Functional
Versatile draining lid for easy pouring without strainer.
WMF Fusiontec Mineral
Beautiful aesthetic with colors inspired by minerals.
WMF Fusiontec Compact
Slim, stackable design frees up more space in your kitchen cupboards.
WMF Fusiontec pressure cookers
Healthy, fast, gentle and energy-saving cooking.
WMF Fusiontec pans & woks
Durable and perfect for browning.
WMF Fusiontec ovenware
Multi-functional on the stove, in the oven and on the grill.
WMF Fusiontec special cookware
Special shapes for special recipes.
The finest of our best.
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