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How-To Product Videos

Spitzenklasse Plus

Discover WMF’s unique Performance Cut technology for outstanding and long-lasting sharpness. Find out more about the knives manufacturing process and receive tips about the right way to cut.

Premium One

Discover the characteristic benefits of the Premium One series such as its patented Cool+ Technology as well as its ThransTherm universal base. Get even more background information about manufacturing and the right way to use or maintain the product.

Function 4

Here you will find various hints and background information about the Function 4 cookware series: special features, proper use, information about manufacturing and Made in Germany, how to care for the product and much more.

WMF Vitalis Steamer

Take a look at the spa for vegetables & co. Explore the WMF Vitalis Steamer and its different product features that enable healthy and easy cooking. Let us inform you about the right way of usage and maintenance as well as the perfect steaming process.

PermaDur Premium and Profi

Whether PermaDur Premium or Profi, both are the perfect tool for delicate food. Find out more about the different material characteristics of both products and gather information about application tips for their long-lastingness.

WMF Profi Resist

Let us convince you that best results need best quality. Find out more about the multilayer material frying pan of WMF’s Profi Resist range and also explore other important material information and their resulting advantages. Learn how to use the product properly and how to care for it.

Perfect Premium

Our Perfect Premium Pressure cooker makes fast and healthy cooking even more comfortable. Convince yourself of the various features and learn not only how to use it properly but also how it will last for a long time.


Explore the different WMF cutlery sets and their special characteristics. Find out about the different components a set is put together. Watch how they are manufactured and learn how you should arrange the perfect table for a perfect come-together.