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Children's cutlery set from WMF – quality with cheerful motifs

The children's sets consist of a child-sized table cutlery set featuring cheerful Disney motifs. Making learning to use a knife and fork more fun!

Dining with WMF children's cutlery

Just like our cutlery for adults, the children's cutlery sets are also made from high-quality Cromargan® and so are an investment that lasts a whole lifetime. The cutlery sets are perfectly designed to suit the children's motor skills in the particular age group. The proportions are just right and children learn how to eat quicker and with less effort. Featuring imaginative and tasteful child-friendly motifs, the small cutlery sets are fun and make a great impression at the dinner table.

Winnie the Pooh – dining with the little bear

The Winnie the Pooh children's collection is recognisable anywhere, because everyone knows the cute little bear from Hundred Acre Wood. The cheerful motifs on the handle were created through a cooperation between WMF and Walt Disney, resulting in a high-quality children's cutlery set made from corrosion-free Cromargan®, which together with the plate, mug and muesli bowl in the same design makes the perfect place setting for a child. The porcelain crockery and all the cutlery pieces can be washed in the dishwasher.
Blunt knife
Ideal proportions
Blunt knife
Ideal proportions
Blunt knife
Ideal proportions
Blunt knife
Children can use the knives from these sets to eat with without any risk of injuring themselves, because there is no sharp cutting edge. Your child can practice moving food onto his or her fork, as well as other hand movements needed when using a knife at the table.
Ideal proportions
The smaller dimensions and the proportionately wide handles are perfectly designed for the different needs of children's smaller hands. The smaller bowl and the shorter fork prongs are also ideal, because children can naturally manage bite-sized portions.

Our best-selling children's cutlery sets

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The benefits of our children's cutlery sets at a glance

Besides guaranteeing lots of fun at the table for the little ones, our smaller-sized children's cutlery sets are produced in the same quality, material and finish as those used by their parents.
Made from Cromargan®, the WMF children's cutlery sets are long-lasting and remain durable, even after frequent use.
Dishwasher safe
Dishwasher safe in accordance with the RAL test conditions of the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification in Bonn.
Age group 3+
Perfectly designed for small children's hands, the children's cutlery set is suitable for the 3+ age group and makes it easier to learn how to use a knife and fork.