Clever & More Decanter

Room to breathe

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For a wide range of wines

The stunning WMF Decanter is ideal for letting a wide range red wines breathe, from the most vintage bottles to young reds and even certain whites, such as Chardonnay and Riesling. Its bulbous shape maximizes the wine's oxygenation, while its slender neck keeps the bouquet from escaping. It also features a dedicated opening for drip-free pouring.
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Ideal shape
The bulbous shape maximizes the surface area of the wine, allowing for the optimal absorption of oxygen, while the slender neck keeps the bouquet from escaping.
Drip-free pouring
The dedicated shape of the opening ensures drip-free pouring.
Handblown quality
Crafted from high-quality handblown glass, making each decanter one of a kind.


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Clever & More Decanter


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