Cutting board 32 x 20cm

Clean, comfortable cutting that's safe for kitchen knives

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WMF Cutting Board: Stylish and Safe for Blades

The WMF Cutting Board is a versatile all-rounder with high-quality blade-friendly plastic and a variety of smart features to make cooking easier every day. Premium easy-care plastic—softer than blade steel and completely safe for kitchen knives—comes together with convenient juice grooves to make prep easier and help keep your kitchen spotless.
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Blade-friendly plastic
Discover long-lasting, premium easy-care plastic, for perfect cutting that's safe for kitchen knives.
Juice grooves
The smart design includes grooves around the frame for catching juices and other liquids, promising easier prep and a tidier kitchen day after day.
Reversible format
Use both sides of the cutting board for ultimate versatility and less clean-up, through simple and smooth cooking methods like using one side for meat and the other side for vegetables.
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Cutting board 32 x 20cm



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