Cutting board 40x 32cm, acacia

Exquisite Acacia wood for easy cutting that's safe for kitchen knives

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WMF Cutting Board: Stylish and Safe for Blades

An exceptionally stable cutting board that's safe for kitchen knives: The WMF Acacia Cutting Board delivers the best of both worlds, with blade-friendly Acacia in an extra-stable and sturdy design. Our premium Acacia wood is stylish and practical, for a material that's softer than blade steel and completely safe for kitchen knives. A highly solid, heavy and extra-thick (4 cm) format comes together with rubberized feet to offer total stability and security for even the most vigorous chopping.
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Blade-friendly Acacia
Discover unmatched style and easy cooking with premium Acacia, for effortless cutting that's safe for kitchen knives while offering exquisite style that blends seamlessly into any kitchen.
Sturdy, extra-heavy design
Designed for ultimate stability, the sturdy cutting board is highly solid, heavy and extra-thick (4 cm) for cutting and chopping with total peace of mind.
Broad work surface
The convenient format offers versatility and total comfort, with enough broad work surface to handle multiple ingredients with all the space you need for generous meals.
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Cutting board 40x 32cm, acacia


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