ELEMENTS JOY kitchen knife set, 4 pieces

Clever color-coded handles and special ergonomics

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The Joy Kitchen Knife Set by WMF: Special Design

The Joy Kitchen Knife Set by WMF offers perfect cutting performance designed to meet all your chopping, slicing and dicing needs—with a special ergonomic format designed to fit smaller hands and color-coded blade handles that make prep easier every day. This 4-piece set—with the versatile all-rounder chef knife, a serrated utility knife and standard utility knife—includes a chic knife block that adds a touch of style to any kitchen.

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Lasting sharpness
Knives that are built to last, with impressive durability and long-lasting sharpness thanks to hardened blades—offering significantly more robust performance than traditional stainless steel.


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ELEMENTS JOY kitchen knife set, 4 pieces
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